Unified Cloud Governance

CloudCheckr is a next-gen cloud management platform that unifies cost and security, automating critical tasks to help you confidently scale your cloud environment.

Unified Cloud Governance

Grow fast, stay safe

Hundreds of companies trust CloudCheckr to optimize their cloud.


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Introducing CloudCheckr Spot Management

Optimize and automate your EC2 fleet to save up to 80% on cloud costs.

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CloudCheckr for Microsoft Azure 

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CloudCheckr Solutions

Cost Management

Want to reduce your Amazon Web Services spend? CloudCheckr can help. We identify underused and idle resources, make purchase recommendations, rebalance RIs, provide automated billing reports, and more to ensure you are optimizing your cloud spend.

Security & Compliance

Need assurance about cloud security and compliance concerns? CloudCheckr provides comprehensive CloudTrail support, security group and permission mapping, perimeter assessments, complete audit logs, and 400+ prepackaged security checks and alerts.

Inventory & Utilization

Turn complexity into clarity with CloudCheckr’s actionable insights. CloudCheckr creates visibility across your entire environment to help allocate costs, optimize cloud spend, manage Reserved Instances and resources, identify opportunities, and more.

Continuous Monitoring

Governing a dynamic cloud environment can be complicated. CloudCheckr automates monitoring and auditing to fulfill HIPAA, PCI, FISMA Moderate, and other major compliance frameworks. Organizations are able to effectively discover, view, and audit users and resources across 100s of AWS accounts.

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