CloudCheckr solves the following use cases:

Use Case:

Use Case:Infrastructure Security and Event Alerting

Concerned with your AWS security? CloudCheckr ensures that you fulfill your “shared security” responsibilities through its best in class CloudTrail support, security group and permission mapping, perimeter assessments, complete audit logs, and over 100 prepackaged security checks and alerts. With CloudCheckr security enabled, you can always be confident in your security posture. Learn more!

Use Case:

Use Case:Policy Management

CloudCheckr helps you manage your environment. With over 300 proprietary Best Practices spread across availability, cost, security, and usage, CloudCheckr ensures that your team is optimizing their usage of AWS. Use CloudCheckr’s alerts and emails to rest easy! Learn more!

Use Case:

Use Case:Continuous Monitoring

CloudCheckr for Continuous Monitoring provides the security, audit, and visibility tools to help fulfill HIPAA, PCI, FISMA Moderate, and other major compliance frameworks. It also provides auditability for assets, users, and configurations. Learn more!

Use Case:

Use Case:Spend Optimization

Want to reduce your AWS spend? CloudCheckr can help. CloudCheckr makes purchase and Reserved Instance recommendations for EC2, RDS, and ElastiCache reserved nodes. CloudCheckr will also provide cost warnings for AWS services and push alerts to you about idle resources, underutilized resources, and mis-matched Reserved Instances. It’s actionable intelligence that saves you money. Learn more!

Use Case:

Use Case:Cost Allocation

With CloudCheckr, you gain complete visibility into your AWS costs. CloudCheckr enables you to filter, allocate, and charge-back costs by service, tag, date and more. Daily, weekly, and monthly cost breakdowns can be automatically emailed to the finance teams and also to project, group, and department cost owners. Learn more!

Use Case:

Use Case:Resource Reporting

CloudCheckr ensures that you have complete access to actionable resource information. Enjoy usage reporting that’s filterable by resource, tag, and group. Heatmaps and other graphical tools allow for easy visualization and management. Plus, CloudCheckr goes far beyond EC2 – it offers insight into Amazon Web Services ranging from CloudFront to S3 to Kinesis. Learn more!

Don’t just take our word for it!

  • “CloudCheckr has been fantastic in making sure that our development and production resources on AWS are optimized. It’s helped us enforce our business rules on spinning up development instances and right size our production instances.”


    Justin Lipton

    CTO Exari
  • “CloudCheckr’s best practices notifications ensure that our AWS configurations and policies are systematically optimized. The email alerts notify us every day on exceptions and recommended remedies to balance performance, security and spend.”


    Christopher Adorna

    CTO SocialArc
  • “With CloudCheckr, we’re able to be proactive about cost allocation, tell our clients what their monthly spend will be, and point out where they could save. The complexity of client billing is hairy and having a place which gives you clear answers like the dashboard is compelling.”


    Jarrod Levitan

    Partner TriNimbus
  • “CloudCheckr helps Vimeo keep its costs under control and is a valuable part of our AWS strategy! It's something that both devs and finance can use and understand and it's been really helpful tracking down efficiency issues.”


    Peter McArthur

    Director Backend Engineering Vimeo
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