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3 Decisions MSPs Need to Make Before Changing Cloud Management Providers

October 31st, 2016

CloudCheckr provides the data insights needed to align DevOps, Finance, and IT teams around their cloud. But alignment starts even before you set up your account. If you’re getting ready to take the plunge to CloudCheckr, there are a few things you can start planning for with your team today. We’ve compiled a shortlist of the top considerations and conversations to ensure your CloudCheckr integration will be as successful as possible. 1. Start thinking about custom cost configurations. With CloudCheckr, you can customize based on: Support charges Custom usage rates Integrated third party costs RI sharing/unsharing Discuss these with your […]

Our Pro Tips for AWS re:Invent 2016

October 28th, 2016

AWS re:Invent 2016 is only a few weeks away—are you ready? We’re looking forward to heading down to Vegas again for the largest cloud computing event of the year. With a few of these under our belts, we wanted to put together a quick rundown of things to think about, check out, and plan ahead for: Save your seat If you haven’t already, jump into that agenda and start planning your sessions—now! (CloudCheckr’s own Aaron Newman will be presenting Hackproof Your Cloud: Responding to 2016 Threats on Tuesday, check it out!) AWS hosted a handy webinar about how to reserve […]

CloudCheckr v4.8 Has Arrived! Find Out What’s New

October 20th, 2016

The next round of CloudCheckr platform updates was released over night. Customers can expect to recognize the new v4.8 features and reports as soon as CloudCheckr performs a scan of their AWS deployment. Some of the most exciting updates to the platform include: Best practice check editor CloudCheckr Admin users now have the ability to edit the level of best practice checks across all accounts, with the option to disable or enable any check. Option to add custom credit memos Custom credits can now be added to accounts and will be reflected in all CloudCheckr reports that reflect credits. Custom charge […]

CloudCheckr Signs $7.5M License Agreement with Leading Managed Service Provider Rackspace

October 18th, 2016

In a move to accelerate and expand their Fanatical Support for AWS (FAWS) service, Rackspace announced today the signing of a $7.5M license agreement with CloudCheckr. The agreement will enable an even more comprehensive cloud management offering for Rackspace customers & architects by helping to govern and optimize cost, security, utilization, and compliance across their cloud infrastructure. “CloudCheckr offers a market leading platform in the cloud management space and integrating the CloudCheckr tooling into our Fanatical Support for AWS offer enables us to provide customers and Rackspace engineers and architects with powerful capabilities to optimize spend and mitigate risk in […]

Learn to Hackproof Your Cloud at AWS re:Invent

October 17th, 2016

We’re looking forward to attending another exciting re:Invent Conference in a few weeks! CloudCheckr will be bringing our brand new booth to the expo floor (Booth #2229—come say hello!), as well as presenting a session about cloud security in 2016 and beyond. As the premier AWS event of the year, we’re proud to support the event as a Platinum Sponsor. Will you be at re:Invent this year? Drop us a line, and let’s meet up! If you’re heading to re:Invent, be sure to stop by the CloudCheckr session, Hackproof Your Cloud: Responding to 2016 Threats, with our CTO Aaron Newman. Aaron […]

Gartner Symposium: Eight Cloud Management Sessions We Wouldn’t Miss

October 13th, 2016

We are always looking to grow our expertise to influence and integrate best practices into the CloudCheckr platform for our customers. As we aim to stay on top of key trends and factors driving the cloud management space, we’re heading to the annual Gartner Symposium next week to do just that. Will you be at the Symposium? We’d love to meet up and discuss cloud strategies. Connect with our CTO Aaron Newman. With four days of information-packed sessions, the event centers around how CIO and IT leaders can grow their business with confidence in a digital world. As we peruse […]

3 Things for MSPs to Consider About Google’s Orbitera Acquisition

October 10th, 2016

If you are a Managed Service Provider (MSP) using Orbitera to manage your customer data with Amazon Web Services (AWS), you’re probably wondering about the implications of Google’s recent Orbitera acquisition. While it’s impossible to predict the future with 100 percent certainty, we’ve considered some likely scenarios that may play out for Orbitera users on AWS. While AWS will most likely continue to support Orbitera, Google may not continue to support AWS. 1. Google will support AWS…for now. Orbitera and Google say that for the time being, they plan to continue supporting Orbitera on multiple cloud platforms. Google’s announcement on August 8th explains, […]

Concrete Steps to Reduce Public Cloud IaaS Expenses

September 27th, 2016

Gartner recently released a report titled “Seven Steps to Reducing Public Cloud IaaS Expense” which we found to be both very insightful and helpful. They’ve summed it up very well with this statement: “Managing public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service expense can be complicated. From pricing plans to underutilized resources, there are many potential pitfalls for overspend along with missed opportunities to cut costs. IT leaders should take these low-cost, low-risk steps to find immediate savings.” The report provides you with 7 concrete steps that you can take action on today. We wanted to share this with all of you and build on […]

Utilization Is Key – Save Money & Run At Peak Performance

September 13th, 2016

Utilization is key. Save money and run at peak performance with the new CloudCheckr Right Sizing report! What does it collect? The Right Sizing report collects instances CPU and memory usage which it then turns in to a utilization score. The scores are from 0 to 10. The score will indicate whether you should upsize, downsize or leave your instances as they are. Low scores indicate that an instance is underutilized, and high scores indicate that an instance is over utilized. Where is this report? To find this report you will want to go into the Utilization report of CloudCheckr. […]

Bringing the Cloud to The City on a Hill – AWS Boston

August 31st, 2016

The AWS Boston Enterprise Summit was our busiest Enterprise Summit of the series so far! Just like the Dallas and Atlanta Summits, it was a busy and action packed day of sessions with an array of topics from security, to cost and economics. There were over 500 attendees from a variety fields and who were all at different stages of AWS usage. With some companies spending over $1.5M per month on AWS and some who were just checking out the conference as they prepare to make the plunge. Stephen Orban, Head of Enterprise Strategy at Amazon Web Services (formerly of […]

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