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Kicking Off a New Year with AWS

February 8th, 2017

We’re excited to be one of the select sponsors with a chance to meet up with the AWS team as they kick off 2017. We’re eager to learn about all the new features and services in store for AWS this year. To start off the week, CloudCheckr will sponsor the morning workout on Tuesday, February 14th with Teresa Carlson. The event is hosted by the Venetian, a frequent hub for celebrity workouts. Once we’ve cooled down from the workout, our team will have meeting times available all day on the 14th. CloudCheckr Co-Founder Aaron Klein, CTO Patrick Gartlan, Global Director of […]

3 Must Haves for Keeping Azure Cloud Costs In Check

February 8th, 2017

Microsoft Azure offers organizations flexibility and convenience for faster innovation in the cloud. A growing network of worldwide datacenters supports portability and consistency with existing infrastructure. However, scaling in the public cloud brings challenges. Here, we explore the 3 most crucial areas any organization must address to gain the visibility and insight they need to manage and optimize their cloud costs with Azure. Cost Visibility For public cloud users, allocating costs and billing across multiple accounts can be an overwhelming task. With no easy way to parse through comprehensive account data, it can be a challenge to understand the most […]

12 Alternative Facts About the Cloud

February 7th, 2017

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have noticed the term “alternative facts” working its way into our cultural lexicon. So we thought it might be fun to explore some alternative facts circulating about the cloud—for those of you who need a reason to detest the arrival of full-on cloud adoption or prefer to live in an alternate reality. The cloud is just a fad. The cloud is just a fad, as the internet is always accurate! Obviously this is not true. As recently noted by Gartner Research, “Cloud adoption continues unabated as cloud use cases shift beyond […]

Accounting for Cloud Costs: Fixing Finance Pain Points

February 2nd, 2017

As adoption of public cloud accelerates, new challenges emerge. One topic that we have not seen enough discussion on is how to account for cloud costs. Of course, there has been plenty of discussion about cloud expenses—what to consider, how to decrease them—but in the context of integrating cloud costs in accounting systems and workflow, the discussion has been much less prolific. Because improving visibility and accountability for finance is a core component of cloud governance, we wanted to explore the idea further. Cloud accounting challenges In the accounting world, there is already a science around the measurement and allocation […]

Cloud Migration Tools and Roadmap: Free Webinar with Relus Cloud

February 2nd, 2017

As more organizations move their business to the cloud, they quickly realize the increasing complexity of managing the associated costs of a sprawling cloud environment. Luckily, AWS migration partners like Relus Cloud offer frameworks to ensure successful deployment and growth over time. Join CloudCheckr and Relus for a virtual discussion Thursday, February 23 at 11 AM PST about the considerations and tips for enterprises migrating to the cloud, including: Key business considerations that influence cost and drive organizational efficiency Defining and assessing dependencies that affect cloud migration costs Creating a deployment roadmap to ensure success Managing and optimizing cost as your […]

New CloudCheckr Capabilities for Right-Sizing, Utilization, and More

January 30th, 2017

January kickstarted a flurry of developments at CloudCheckr. As we constantly aim to develop new capabilities to proactively meet the needs of an evolving cloud market, we also strive to address as many feature requests as possible from our growing customer base. Looking to the year ahead, you can expect many more capabilities and solutions for AWS, Azure, and more. Download CloudCheckr now for free to see what’s new Here’s an overview of what was released last week: AWS Right-Sizing Workflows Implemented CloudCheckr now gives you the ability to control who can request Right-Sizing modifications, and who can approve and […]

CloudCheckr Checks Out RSA Conference

January 30th, 2017

RSA Conference is one of the biggest InfoSec conferences in the world, with hundreds of leading tech providers companies showcasing their innovative solutions for the most prominent cyber security problems. Several members of the CloudCheckr team will be attending, so we took the time to find out what they were anticipating most with this year’s RSA event just around the corner. Solution evolution “As someone who has been in the security realm for over two decades, these are the kind of conferences I enjoy the most,” CloudCheckr CEO Aaron Newman noted. “I like being able to walk the floor and […]

Security Myths Debunked: Free Webinar with 451 Research

January 27th, 2017

As we’ve said before, the cloud can offer great strategic advantages and powerful potential for businesses as they scale—with the appropriate visibility, insights, and governance. However, the complexity and chaos that comes with cloud migration can be overwhelming to organizations as they start to get up and running. As industry experts at 451 Research explained in their recent 2017 Trends in Information Security Report, the cloud has introduced fundamental changes to the security landscape. Join our CEO Aaron Newman as he explores the challenges and opportunities of cloud security with Senior 451 Analyst Adrian Sanabria in a free webinar discussion, Tuesday, February 21 […]

7 Considerations Changing CyberSec for Public Cloud Users

January 26th, 2017

As everyone from Enterprises to government agencies look to migrate workloads into AWS, Azure, or other cloud infrastructure, cost savings and operational efficiencies are keenly in the crosshairs. The big question now is how to grow quickly while maintaining safe and stable environments. As a recent post from RSA Conference aptly notes, “The belief is widespread that storing personal data, in particular, in the cloud might undermine its privacy.” It’s become clear that cloud security is the topic on everyone’s mind. The changing face of cyber security Many organizations have accepted that the cloud can be just as secure as […]

The Smart Buyer’s Strategy to Saving Money with AWS Reserved Instances: Webinar Recording

January 23rd, 2017

In this webinar recording, our CTO Patrick Gartlan covers everything you need to know to understand and leverage AWS Reserved Instances (RIs) effectively. You’ll learn everything from how AWS packages and sells RIs to how to determine the right RI commitment for supporting your workload. Watch the webinar recording below: Learn more about Reserved Instances in our comprehensive buyer’s guide — Download it now.  

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