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Turn Complexity Into Clarity

As organizations transform their business leveraging the power of the cloud, they need total visibility, actionable intelligence, critical automation and accountability across their cloud investments. To help manage, optimize and govern the cloud, the CloudCheckr platform generates a complete picture of the environment including billing details, multi-accounts, resources, Reserved Instances (RIs), configurations, permissions, changes, and more. CloudCheckr turbo-charges your cloud with a unified cost, security, inventory, utilization and automation solution to help be more efficient and secure at scale while saving money.

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  • Spend Optimization

    Pinpoint wasted or underused resources to keep costs in check.

  • RI Rebalancing

    Generate the largest possible savings with predictive analytics and purchasing recommendations.

  • Cost Allocation

    Gain instant visibility into cloud spend with CloudCheckr’s detailed reports.

  • Expense Management

    Take control of complex cloud bills with detailed billing analytics and proactive budget alerts.

  • Best Practices

    400+ Best Practice checks recommend immediate actions to optimize your IaaS services.

  • Invoicing, Billing, & Chargebacks

    CloudCheckr programmatically creates and schedules invoices.

  • Log Intelligence

    CloudCheckr ingests and unifies AWS CloudTrail logs, AWS VPC Flow logs, and AWS Config.

  • AWS Config

    Gain visibility into the state of your AWS environment, and alerts you about critical configuration activities.

  • Best Practices & Alerts

    Ensure compliance and security with pre-built best practice checks.

  • User Permissions

    Track and manage AWS IAM and permissions with automatic mapping and user grouping.

  • AWS Perimeter Assessment

    Mitigate risks by continuously scanning for accessible resources and open ports and protocols.

  • Continuous Compliance

    Fulfill PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, and other major compliance frameworks.

  • Aggregated Metrics

    View data from your public cloud services, assets, resources, and instances in one place.

  • Inventory Tracking

    CloudCheckr retains an audit trail of assets to help you ensure compliance.

  • Asset Snapshots

    Instantly identify what’s running or unused within your environment.

  • Drill-Down Analytics

    Understand estimated costs, average CPU, and much more for all of your instances.

  • Comprehensive Analytics

    Manage critical CPU, network, memory, and usage statistics for all your AWS services.

  • Actionable Insights

    Dashboard, summary, or heat map views offer key data points for individual resources or your entire AWS deployment.

  • Instance Right-sizing

    Instantly identify opportunities to rebalance and right size instances.

  • AWS Best Practices

    Integrated best practices identify idle or unused resources, instance mismatches, and more.

  • Security and Compliance

    Snapbacks and guardrails programmatically identify and fix security and compliance issues.

  • Continuous Monitoring

    CloudCheckr checks and controls your attack surface in the cloud.

  • Scalable Resource Management

    Start and stop EC2 instances to run only when you need them.

  • Automatic Snapshots

    CloudCheckr automatically captures snapshots of individual instances and clusters.

  • Cost Optimization

    CloudCheckr helps reallocate purchasing options to ensure proper usage and match capacity needs.

  • Best Practice Checks

    Customizable dashboards allow button-click fixes for cost, security, and utilization.

CloudCheckr Scales with Your Cloud

Invest in enterprise cloud management with all CloudCheckr modules, or choose the ones that best suit your needs. Explore module pricing, account plans, and more.

Multi-Cloud Support

CloudCheckr is a Certified AWS Partner, with Security and Government Competency recognition. We provide complete cloud management solutions for cost, security and compliance, inventory, utilization, and automation for AWS.


CloudCheckr is proud to be a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner. We offer a unified solution to help manage cost and security for Azure cloud.


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The CloudCheckr platform is flexible and customizable to meet the unique needs of organizations as they scale in the cloud. Over 500 enterprises, MSPs and resellers, public sector and government agencies trust CloudCheckr to gain visibility and control over their public cloud infrastructure.


Increase operational efficiencies and optimize cloud spend at scale with CloudCheckr’s enterprise cloud management solution.

CloudCheckr offers a tailored MSP toolkit to help grow your cloud practice and increase margins.

CloudCheckr provides the security, audit and visibility tools to ensure compliance, protect cloud infrastructure and optimize costs.

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