Cloud Cost & Expense Management

Everything you need to manage and allocate costs, optimize spending and save money.

Spend Optimization

Actionable insights pinpoint wasted resources, provide resource re-sizing recommendations, and ensure every dollar is continuously being optimized across AWS and Azure.

Right Sizing Report and RI Rebalancer

Generate the largest possible savings with predictive analytics and actionable resource purchasing recommendations.

Cost Allocation

CloudCheckr includes advanced features like the Cost Changes Report which enables instant visibility into the AWS and Azure spend across your environment.

DBR Control

Never stress about surprise invoices again. Detailed billing analytics with sophisticated advance alerting and cloud governance ensure that you’re in control.

Cost Best Practices

400+ Best Practices checks continuously monitor AWS and Azure to identify idle and underutilized resources, unused reserved resources and VMs, EC2 Reserved Instance mismatches, and more.

Invoicing, Billing and Chargebacks

CloudCheckr programmatically creates and schedules invoices for clients, business units, departments, and application owners.

Cloud Cost Management with CloudCheckr

Make sense of every billing detail and proactively plan for upcoming expenses to keep your cloud costs and expenses in check. Get the CloudCheckr Cost Management Datasheet to learn more.

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