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CloudCheckr offers a variety of pricing plans that are built around your custom needs as well as what economically just makes sense! Whether it be a flat, tier-based fee or an elastic, dynamic percentage of your per month spend, we’ve got you covered. Let us work with you to find the right plan and modules to help you turbo-charge your AWS cloud investment.

Your FREE 14-day trial includes unlimited access to all CloudCheckr features and modules. After your trial simply pay for only the modules that you need. No credit card required!


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Which modules are right for you?

Cost ManagementSecurity & ComplianceCloud UtilizationCloud Inventory

Cost Management

The CloudCheckr Cost module gives your finance, engineering and management teams the visibility, predictability and accountability they need into all of your cloud costs and usage. Gain clarity around your spending and usage across AWS services such as EC2, S3, RDS, Elasticache, CloudFront, RedShift, DynamoDB, Glacier, Marketplace and Workspaces and proactively make purchasing recommendations. Out-of- the-box dashboards and reporting along with customizable, advanced searches, filtering and grouping give you complete visibility, optimization and control of your cloud costs.


Security & Compliance

The CloudCheckr Security module gives your information security, IT and management teams the confidence that you are secure and compliant in the cloud. The CloudCheckr Security module unites AWS CloudTrail, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and AWS Config log intelligence, AWS permission & access monitoring, perimeter assessments, change monitoring and 100+ best practice checks for security and configuration vulnerabilities. Make security a priority, use CloudCheckr to ensure that your security & compliance posture is never compromised.


Cloud Utilization

The CloudCheckr Utilization module gives your cloud, DevOps and management teams the insight needed into the usage of over thirty Amazon Web Services. CloudCheckr provides both summary and detailed CPU, Network, and usage data for EC2, RDS, ElastiCache, DynamoDB, and their associated services. This module delivers the clarity needed to effectively manage your complex AWS environment, enables your team to efficiently identify and address areas of concern and makes your dramatically more operational efficient.


Cloud Inventory

The CloudCheckr Inventory module gives your users and management teams complete visibility of your dynamic cloud environment. CloudCheckr provides a snapshot of all your assets, resources, services, and instances and keeps an audit trail in case it is needed. With simple drill-down inspections you can quickly identify running and unused instances, estimated costs, average CPU usage and much more. You can’t manage what you don’t monitor, but with CloudCheckr we’ll help you keep in check.


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Pro Package Pricing Tiers

Your Tier Is Based On Your AWS Spend

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
0 – $5,000 $5,001 – $30,000 $30,001 – $60,000 $60,001 – $100,000 $100,000+

You Pay For The Modules You Want

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
First Module $75 $259 $499 $799 $99 + 0.75%
Each Additional Module $49 $179 $349 $549 $99 + 0.50%

Which Plan Is Right For You?

Free Pro Enterprise MSP
Core Best Practices Check Check Check Check
Resource Dashboard Check Check Check Check
Map Overlay Check Check Check Check
Summary Cost Data Check Check Check Check
Access To Modules Check Check Check
Customized Dashboards & Reports Check Check Check
3rd Party Integration Check Check Check
AWS List Price Visibility Check Check
Single Sign-on Check Check
Dedicated Support Check Check
Invoicing & Billing Check
White-Labeling Check
Reseller Tools Check

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