Customer References

“CloudCheckr helps us reduce the costs for operating and maintaining our AWS infrastructure. Initially we saved up to 30%-40%. The savings helped grow our AWS environment. Thanks to daily reports we monitor the changes that occur, or potential security issues. CloudCheckr is a very high quality service for complete monitoring and analysis of AWS services. On the basis of reports and analysis of usage of EC2 instances we are able to choose the most suitable pricing model.”

Ľuboš Odráška
Project Manager | SLONline


“CloudCheckr’s ability to provide analytics on our S3 programmatic billing reports has been crucial to maintaining a clear understanding of our costs and usage. We have been using CloudCheckr since March 2013 and they continually have added additional features that help us to better understand the money we spend on an every growing AWS landscape.”

Robert Swarthout
Co-Founder | Shootproof


“CloudCheckr has become an indispensable tool for our organization. We have saved almost $20,000 a year based on Cloudcheckr’s recommendations and reporting. We rely heavily on CloudCheckr’s security, utilization and cost saving reports.”

Daniel Durgin
Director of Information Security | FOCoS Innovations


“At Cloudar we design, build and operate high available and scalable cloud environments based on Amazon Web Services. As AWS competence center of the Cronos Group, we are also responsible for the consolidated billing of all AWS accounts (20+) within the group. Our experience teaches us that cost-optimization, auditing and invoicing for all of these accounts can be a real struggle when handling this entire process manually. This is where CloudCheckr comes in handy: Not only does it give us a birds-eye view on all consolidated AWS resources, it also allows us to quantify our AWS footprint and helps us make decisions regarding reservation purchases and reallocation of AWS resources. CloudCheckr simplifies overall AWS management and makes invoicing as easy as a pie. Daily/weekly reports with resource utilization and best practices keep us up-to-date of how good (or bad) our AWS resources are being used, and give us a clear view of all service costs per account.

Last but not least, CloudCheckr also has one of the best customer service departments we’ve ever worked with: very swift, devoted support and always to the point.

Keep up the good work guys!”

Bart Van Hecke
Managing Partner | Cloudar


“We were introduced to Cloudcheckr as part of an AWS partner webinar on managing Reserved Instance costs and trends. We utilize several AWS accounts for both development and production workflows, and tracking costs and activity across multiple accounts had been an issue for some time, so we welcomed the chance to do a free evaluation of CloudCheckr, having previously evaluated two other AWS cost tracking applications.

From the beginning it was clear that the feature set of CloudCheckr went significantly beyond that of the other applications we were looking at. Within the first week, we had identified immediate cost savings within S3 storage (utilizing the S3 reporting functionality) that paid for CloudCheckr three times over! Combined with the Reserved Instance tracking and forecasting functionality, we had seen enough to make a purchase decision.

Once we started using CloudCheckr regularly, a “must have” feature is the daily change reports and recommendations. When running multiple AWS accounts, it can be hard to keep track of what is changing, where and by who. With the CloudCheckr daily change reports and recommendations, a quick glance over these every morning lets me see if there are any security concerns, as well as any cost saving opportunities (ie. developers spinning up infrastructure and leaving it dormant). I’ve been impressed at the speed at which CloudCheckr has iterated on this functionality, adding in new AWS services almost weekly it seems. As we’ve been moving more to VPC, I’ve appreciated the VPC auditing that has been added for example.

On the financial side, another group in the company uses CloudCheckr for cost tracking and forecasting for Reserved Instances. The ability to have multiple user accounts in CloudCheckr which have different views into the system has been a great feature. Combined with the ability to export the vast amount of data that CloudCheckr collects into CSV for further analysis has allowed the finance team to obtain a significantly better insight into where we are today and future spend.

I’ve had several cases to contact and interact with the support team for both “how to” questions and small issues I’ve found along the way. Every interaction with the support team has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with any vendor. The support team worked with me on any issues we found and brought them to resolution in timely manners (including very fast patch rollouts where needed) and even offered 1 on 1 training around features of CloudCheckr we were less familiar with.

I think the unique thing about CloudCheckr as a value-add tool for AWS is it goes beyond the cost management and into the security and change management. It’s very easy to use and has a support team second to none. I’d highly recommend CloudCheckr.”

Dave North
Director of DevOps | Signiant


“CloudCheckr helps us manage AWS usage. Their experience with AWS is very robust. CloudCheckr’s Best Practice checks identified many issues we didn’t notice before. We also find the Inventory Summary very helpful. For example, we check DynamoDB summary to obtain a clear image of the total usage of a service. Also, the daily summary report mail is a very useful. With it we can track the daily usage by just checking the mail.”

Hu Hailin
Software Engineer | Adways


“Cloudticity is the leading provider of custom HIPAA solutions on Amazon Web Services. With dozens of customers’ AWS accounts under our management, we needed a good way to cost-optimize, audit, and invoice – performing these processes manually was costing us too much time and money in mistakes. CloudCheckr has become an integral part of our daily business. Not only do we have a birds-eye view of our aggregate customers’ AWS usage, but we can drill into any particular customer’s usage and make recommendations around cost-optimization and better utilization of their resources. The Best Practices feature of CloudCheckr also allows us to proactively help us keep our customers secure, reliable, performant, and always cost-optimized. And when the need for an audit comes up (remember, we’re HIPAA focused), the CloudCheckr CloudTrail features can’t be beat. We honestly don’t know how we’d be in business without CloudCheckr.”

Gerry Miller
CTO | Cloudticity


“CloudCheckr continues to provide invaluable insight into our AWS infrastructure, assisting us with optimizing security and saving us time and money.”

Andrew Murray


“As an AWS partner we find CloudCheckr an invaluable tool to manage the costs and assets on AWS. I can also say that CloudCheckr support has been very responsive in all our demands.”

George Randolph
CEO | IPsense


“CloudCheckr helps Vimeo keep its costs under control and is a valuable part of our AWS strategy! It’s something that both devs and finance can use and understand and it’s been really helpful tracking down efficiency issues.”

Peter McArthur
Director of Backend Engineering | Vimeo


“Within a few minutes of activating CloudCheckr we’re able to provide our clients real value. Once it’s running on an account, we’re able to be proactive about cost control, and tell our clients what their monthly spend will be, and point out how they could be doing things different to save. Further the complexity of AWS billing is hairy, and having a place which gives you clear answer like the dashboard is compelling. Most importantly the tool provides visibility by monitoring and alerting for environment changes before they become dangerous to the bottom line, that’s invaluable.”

Jarrod Levitan
Partner | TriNimbus


“I really am enjoying CloudCheckr. In fact, since spending time with CloudCheckr, I’ve abandoned Newvem and Cloudability.”

Kevin Epstein
Cloud Services | Virtusa


“JHC Technology uses CloudCheckr across all of our accounts. It provides unequaled cost insight and allows us the ability, especially from billing perspective, to optimize our own processes and our clients’ AWS environments.”

Matt Jordan
Cloud Services Manager | JHC Technology


“CloudCheckr allows us to have an external review of our infrastructure providing great depth into availability, cost, security, and usage best practices. Getting started with it is very simple and the cost savings far outweigh expense. Support at CloudCheckr is very responsive and feature requests are welcomed, analyzed, and implemented in many cases. We are very satisfied with the product and the partnership with CloudCheckr and would recommend them to anyone with a presence in EC2.”

Jason S. Factor
Chief Technology Officer | IHS


“We find CloudCheckr to be an extremely valuable resource to help us optimize our AWS usage. The email alerts for costs, utilization and change monitoring provide an easily searchable daily, weekly and monthly summary of usage and expense trends. The online reports have allowed us to optimize our use of on-demand and Reserved Instances. CloudCheckr provides us a complete view of all of accounts and environments in one simple-to-access system.”

Jonathan Clay
VP Engineering | Get Satisfaction


“CloudCheckr’s best practices notifications ensure that our AWS configurations and policies are systematically optimized. The email alerts notify us every day on exceptions and recommended remedies to balance performance, security and spend.”

Christopher Adorna
CTO | SocialArc


“We use CloudCheckr for all of our Foghorn Web Services customers’ to help ensure that they are following best practices to optimize their infrastructure from a financial, operational, and security perspective. After evaluating many tools, we chose CloudCheckr specifically for their depth of best practice analysis and recommendations.”

Alex Roosakos
Partner | Foghorn Consulting


“CloudCheckr has been fantastic in making sure that our development and production resources on AWS are optimized. It’s helped us enforce our business rules on spinning up development instances and right size our production instances.”

Justin Lipton
CTO | Exari

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