Grow Profit Margins with CloudCheckr

A full suite of modules and tools to support the unique business needs of MSPs and Resellers, from custom invoicing to analytics and reporting

MSP & Reseller Toolkit

CloudCheckr offers a full suite of modules and tools for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Resellers to expand their cloud offerings and optimize margins. Complete visibility, automated reporting and alerts, and customizable billing and invoicing helps simplify business operations while increasing margins.

MSP & Reseller accounts start at just $100 per month.

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With CloudCheckr, MSPs and Resellers can

Increase Profitability
  • Cross-account RI recommendations
  • Programmatic bill recasting to reflect AWS list price
  • Seamless view with account owner permissioning with white labeling
Grow Your Practice
  • Security and operational insights
  • Automated environment monitoring
  • Recommendations that support implementation
Simplify Business Operations
  • AWS credit assignment and suppression
  • Automated invoicing and delivery
  • Full profitability analysis
Utilize Reseller Features
  • RI Mapping
  • Invoice Generator charge
  • List Price translation
  • White-labeling capabilities
  • Profit Analysis

How JHC Grew Margins 20% While Saving Customers Money on AWS Costs

JHC Technology increased profitability by 20% while creating value for customers and saving them 40% on AWS costs by using the CloudCheckr cloud management platform.

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