Article Amazon Web Services July 25, 2013

Key Concerns of Large AWS Users

Consolidated EC2 RI Reports and Purchase Recommendations

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CloudCheckr Pro now allows users to track usage, cost, and RI across accounts attached to consolidated billing.

For enterprises who need to track and assign costs while optimizing ROI to managed service providers and system integrators managing multiple accounts, these latest features are essential.

Only CloudCheckr Pro provides this visibility – it is not available through AWS Trusted Advisor or any other 3rd party tools. Try it for free now!

Why does it matter?
• Savings: EC2 instances can be employed at a significant discount by paying an upfront fee and purchasing RI. If you can forecast your usage, using RI provides savings of up to 65% when compared to On-Demand purchasing.
• Control: Effective cost management demands that user allocate costs to specific business groups and projects. Measuring and optimizing ROI is a business imperative.
So, Customers routinely ask: how can I track usage and cost across consolidated accounts?

Why is this difficult?
• AWS presents a summary blended bill that represents the consolidated and RI discounts applied proportionally to all charges.
• The unblended bill, which represents individual usage with RI being first applied to the account purchasing (the affinity account) and then any unused portion is applied assigned to other accounts, is only available within detailed billing.

This means that:
• Two (or more) accounts can combine usage to support a single RI.
• Users need to decide when to assign blended and when assign unblended costs. For example, managed service providers do not want to credit one customer for another customer’s purchase.

The solution:
CloudCheckr Pro automatically aggregates and analyzes usage statistics and cost data from multiple, user-defined, accounts and projects. It supports tagging and does this for both blended and unblended costs.

CloudCheckr Pro provides purchasing recommendations that allow increased RI purchases, accurate cost allocation, and up to 65% cost savings.

Schedule a demo or try a free account and start saving money immediately!

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