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Article Security December 21, 2016

2017 InfoSec Trends and Cloud Implications

At CloudCheckr, we are constantly assessing and anticipating changes in data security in the dynamic cloud landscape, particularly as we near the end of the year. A few weeks back, 451 Research published their annual Trends in Information Security report. As a leading research firm in the technology and innovation space, we think their report provides an especially useful shortlist of potential opportunities and trends to come.

2017 security trends

The report mentions a few key areas we are excited to see unfold, including the importance of aligned DevOps workflows and systems to optimize cloud infrastructure.

Cloud and DevOps are simultaneously some of the most disruptive and the least understood trends in IT since the internet gave rise to e-business, e-games, e-commerce and e-everything-else. Much more than just fads, cloud and DevOps will distinguish winners and losers in the contest to best leverage what many envision as the ‘new IT.’


Download an excerpt of the report to find out what 2017 holds in store for cloud security, DevOps and the “new IT”.

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