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Article Amazon Web Services December 13, 2016

AWS re:Invent 2016 Announcements to Make Note Of

In the few weeks since AWS re:Invent, we’ve enjoyed connecting with customers and peers to discuss implications of the long list of Amazon product announcements at the event—over a dozen pertaining to AWS cloud in particular. In the dynamic cloud space, it will be interesting to see how organizations utilize new functionality of AWS cloud to innovate faster. As we head into the New Year, there are no signs of slowing down—and we don’t think you should, either. Here are our takes on a few of the most noteworthy news of re:Invent 2016:

Larger T2 Instance types

The addition of t2.xlarge and t2.2xlarge instance types to the Amazon EC2 burstable-performance instances list enables more flexibility for organizations that don’t require full CPU capacity on an ongoing basis. Now there are more options for scaling up, as needed.

Why We Think It Matters: Because T2 instances tend to be less expensive than other instance types, we anticipate many Enterprise businesses leveraging them for workloads that can scale back on capacity during certain times—for instance, if less capacity is needed at night. Our Right Sizing Report will enable our customers to easily identify where they can optimize with the click of a button.

Amazon Lightsail

The launch of Amazon Lightsail offers an easy way for businesses to get started with a virtual private server (VPS) on AWS cloud. Five turn-key configurations and plans ensure predictability and assurance off the bat for newcomers to the cloud space.

Why We Think It Matters: It’s never been easier to get going in the cloud—Lightsail is sure to drive a spike in cloud deployments in the short term. While many CloudCheckr customers may use this, we expect we’ll also see many companies new to AWS using Lightsail that will look to manage and optimize their workloads more efficiently once they are up and running.

EC2 Systems Manager

Amazon EC2 Systems Manager simplifies configuration management and compliance across cloud environments. As a bridge between AWS and existing infrastructure, the new Systems Manager enables more visibility and control to maintain security posture, reduce costs, and automate key tasks.

Why We Think It Matters: Systems Manager offers an out-of-the-box solution for companies looking to manage and optimize their cloud deployments. We will continue to work with our customers to understand areas of opportunity to simplify and automate their cloud, while leveraging existing AWS functionality.

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