Article Amazon Web Services January 3, 2017

New Year, New CloudCheckr Features

A happy new year it is, with new features and functionality to announce in the latest release of CloudCheckr! Below is a rollup of just a few of the most exciting updates:

AWS Features

Added Ability to Lock Billing Months
CloudCheckr customers can now lock historic billing months, which allows MSPs and resellers to ensure their data never gets out of sync with end user invoices once they have been issued.

Added Scoring Icons to EC2 Right-Sizing Report
CloudCheckr customers with the Utilization module can now see each instance’s utilization score within the EC2 Right-Sizing Report, ensuring they can make the most of their EC2 spend.

Added Cost Type Option to Dashboard Cost Panes
Dashboard panes for different cost reports now have a Cost Type dropdown, allowing them to be built against Blended, Unblended, or List cost.

New Best Practice Check
Auto-Scaling Launch Configuration configured with Previous-Generation instance types ensures CloudCheckr users are taking full advantage of new instances as Amazon releases updates.

Azure Features

Cost Budget Alert
CloudCheckr now allows users to configure cost alerts for Azure subscriptions, to ensure budget stays in check and spend is easier to manage.

Added Cost Tag Filtering to Advanced Grouping
Filtering costs in Advanced Grouping by resource tags now enables users to understand and allocate costs more effectively. Plus, grouping by tags is just around the corner.

Added Change Monitoring reporting
CloudCheckr will now track when resources are added, modified, or deleted within Azure accounts to enable better governance across infrastructure.

Added Utilization and Inventory Insights
CloudCheckr now collects, and reports on, CPU metrics for Azure Virtual Machines. HD Insights and Virtual Networks were also added to Inventory reports to enable a deeper level of insight across Azure environments.

You can read more about the new features and where to find them in the Support portal.

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