Article AWS Reserved Instances April 15, 2017

Cloud Cost Management for the Modern Enterprise

Modern enterprises embraced the cloud primarily as a way to save money. But just as “Server Sprawl” was a problem with data centers, Cloud Sprawl can quickly become a concern. Without Cloud Cost Management, running a constantly growing and evolving set of public cloud services in a dynamic environment can easily get out of hand In an ephemeral environment, resources can easily become under-utilized or wasted—negating any potential cost savings in the cloud.

To further complicate the cost of the cloud, instances can be purchased at different rates, depending on how and when they are used. When left to individuals across different departments, teams, and business units, purchase decisions are less than optimal. They say you shouldn’t shop for groceries when you’re hungry, at risk of over-buying. The same applies to acquiring instances: Buying On-Demand instances is the most expensive way to use the cloud, but Reserved Instances (RI) require long-term commitments to achieve discounts and savings.

A Little Help From Your Friends

A cloud cost management platform can examine usage, recognize trends, predict patterns, and help enterprise businesses make optimal purchasing decisions, automatically. A CMP can also enforce best practice checks to make sure only authorized users are spinning up instances, ensuring your cloud stays in check—even at scale.

Some CMPs go even further and can rebalance Reserved Instances across multiple organizations, leveraging those discounts. Other cloud management solutions can also bid on and safely manage Spot Instances, leveraging surplus cloud resources available at significant discounts.

CloudCheckr customers typically report saving 30% by optimizing their use of Reserved Instances, or even as much as 80% with CloudCheckr Spot Management. The real cost does not come from adopting a cloud management platform;. the really expensive option is to not use a CMP.

Enterprises today need to be quick and lean. That’s why the cloud is so attractive. But you need to stay safe as  you grow—which is why a comprehensive cloud platform should unify cost and security management. With a full-service CMP, modern enterprises can reduce cloud sprawl, right-size their cloud, and enforce security best practices to see the financial benefits they were promised.

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