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Article AWS Reserved Instances April 19, 2017

CloudCheckr CTO Explains AWS Changes to Reserved Instance Calculations

Amazon has made some interesting moves lately regarding how they let customers use Reserved Instances. It’s good news, but you need to understand how instances are calculated to maximize the savings. Plus, there are distinct areas where CloudCheckr’s Reserved Instance Rebalancer can make a difference, such as Non-Amazon Linux instances.

In the video above, CloudCheckr CTO Patrick Gartlan discusses the calculations Amazon is using to let customers leverage RI discounts more efficiently than before. Viewers can even learn how to achieve Partial Savings when applying a discounted RI towards a larger On Demand instance. The result is an Effective Rate that is better than an On Demand Rate. CloudCheckr encourages customers to purchase RIs as small as possible (and practical) to have the most granular approach when resizing.

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