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Article Amazon Web Services April 18, 2017

CloudCheckr Update Enhances Ease of Use and Security

This week, we focused on the user experience and overall ease of use. We started at the beginning, with a completely redesigned login page. We also added a button within the CloudCheckr app that links you directly to support, where support tickets can be created. The update to our web-based app coincides with a complete redesign of the CloudCheckr website as well.



You already know that CloudCheckr helps you secure your user data, but now we’ve also made sure you secure your AWS-related data, like invoices and copies of the Detailed Billing Report. Those items will now have an extra layer of encryption when stored in your S3 buckets.

The CIS Benchmarks, based on the Center for Internet Security, have been enhanced. We’ve added the following checks:

  • Ensure security questions are registered in the AWS account
  • Ensure IAM policies are attached only to groups or roles
  • Ensure CloudTrail trails are integrated with CloudWatch Logs
  • Ensure the S3 bucket CloudTrail logs to is not publicly accessible
  • Ensure AWS Config is enabled in all regions
  • Ensure access keys are rotated every 90 days or less

Automation is a big reason why administering using CloudCheckr is so easy, so anything we can do to make it automation easier is a win-win. To that end, we have added filtering options to Automation tasks making it easy to narrow the list of resources to those you’d like to take action against.


Azure Partners like the ability to present List Cost pricing to clients. Now, with our List Cost Analysis Report, Azure Partners can dive deeper and see each cost that was changed by CloudCheckr when calculating List Cost. This makes it easier to see what’s going on behind the scenes, when generating invoices.

Azure Virtual Machines are now easier to manage, thanks to Inventory reports and checks. There are new reports to list and summarize Virtual Machine Images and the Best Practice Check looks for Unused VM Images.

We also integrated Azure Advisor checks, so administrators can look in one place, CloudCheckr, instead of also having to check Azure’s console as well. The new Azure Advisor check we have added is “Use a cost effective solution to manage the performance goals of multiple SQL databases.”


To learn more about these and other new features, check out our Support site.

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