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Article News April 28, 2017

CloudCheckr Update Offers Enhanced RI Advice, Reports and Alerts

If you are a Managed Service Provider or Reseller, you should be taking advantage of our White Label capabilities. You can swap in your logo for the CloudCheckr dashboard and for invoicing. Now you can also include your logo in Activation Emails to new users! The rest of this week’s CloudCheckr update are primarily focused on reports and alerts.


Amazon has made it easier to move around Reserved Instances, so we have improved our RI Recommendations to reflect these new capabilities. This is big news and our CTO, Patrick Gartlan, explains in this video:

In order to make intelligent decisions around utilization, we have added a new Monthly CPU Utilization report. We also added a metric for S3 storage to your CloudWatch Historical Export.

On the financial side, we now calculate Amortization during the month so you don’t have to wait until month-end.


You keep using Azure, we’ll keep adding and enhancing our Azure alerts and reports! This week we added Network Security Group alerts. Change Monitoring now includes changes to location and the VM Scale Set reports keeps track of Application Gateways.

Regarding reports, we have made improvements to the Historical Billing Summary CSV export and the Billing Report now includes unified service names, for consistency.

To learn more about these and other new features, check out our Support site.

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