Article Amazon Web Services April 10, 2017

CloudCheckr Update Enhances Workflow

With over 400 Best Practice Checks and tons of reports and features already in the CloudCheckr app, this week we focused on enhancing the overall workflow and user experience of managing AWS and Azure resources.

For starters, we added a link to the Dashboard within accounts. This will make it easier to find your main administration screen. The Dashboard Link is just one of the new features added to CloudCheckr this week. Additional enhancements include:


To ensure you stay in sync with your configuration settings from AWS, we retrieve updated service limits from Trusted Advisor. This saves admins from having to enter data in two locations.

With so many Linux variations and configurations, we have added support for family matching on Linux platform Reserved Instances within purchase recommendations and RI inventory reports.

Other workflow enhancements include improvements to CloudTrail Alert Ignores and Admin Workflow screen improvements.

To help you fine-tune how you handle old accounts, we now offer more configuration options to the “Stale IAM Users” Best Practice check.


We’ve made it easier to manage costs with an Historic Monthly Cost Summary for Multiple Account Views plus Daily and Monthly Consolidated Billing Summary emails. You can also create custom usage rates to modify List Cost, to reflect your Enterprise’s different use cases and associated costs.

Best Practice Checks now include Azure Advisor and Load Balancers Configured to Use Non-SSL Ports.

Virtual Machine Scale Set report now includes networking information and our VM Right-Sizing report includes cost data and looks across different account families, saving you from generating and looking at multiple reports.

To learn more about these and other new features, check out our Support site.

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