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Article AWS Costs May 5, 2017

Save More and Pay Less Upfront, Thanks to Changes in AWS RI Pricing

Reserved Instances have always been a wise way to save money, as long as  you can plan ahead. Now Amazon Web Services lets you lock in lower prices on 3 Year Standard Reserved Instances, without an upfront payment. AWS is also offering lower prices for No Upfront Reserved Instances, Convertible Reserved Instances, and M4 Instances.

Whether you choose the flexibility of not paying anything upfront to get a certain discount, or you prefer to pay a down payment to get an even bigger discount, you will pay less than before. In fact, this change represents the 61st price reduction from AWS. In an age where prices seem to be going up everywhere, this is a nice departure.

Of course, when Amazon makes such a change, it impacts the CloudCheckr pricing calculations. The CloudCheckr app is being updated to reflect these new prices and policies so users will continue to have an accurate view of their costs and options when purchasing Reserved Instances.

Summary of price reductions for No Upfront Reserved Instances (Linux):

No Upfront RI

Summary of price reductions for Convertible Reserved Instances (Linux):

Convertible RI Pricing

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