Article Amazon Web Services August 8, 2017

Are you Guilty any of these Top Ten AWS Misconfigurations?

Getting started on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud is relatively straightforward, and empowers teams as never before to accelerate their business and innovate faster. To make the most of AWS, organizations must ensure compliance and security of their infrastructure, while optimizing cloud cost and expenses.

However, with AWS releasing new features and services nearly every day, this can prove challenging in a continuously evolving environment. In our webinar and a new white paper we discuss ten of the most common AWS misconfigurations, and typical recommendations for resolving them. We’ve broken down these common errors in three buckets: security, cost, and operational best practices.

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  1. Inadequate Password Policies
  2. Inadequate or Inconsistent Use of AWS S3 Encryption
  3. CloudTrail Not Enabled
  4. VPC Security Groups with Overly Permissive Inbound Rules
  5. Idle Resources
  6. Previous Generation Resources
  7. Not Leveraging Reserved Instances
  8. Underutilized Reserved Instances
  9. Ineffective Tagging Strategies
  10. Unintentionally Exposing Resources to the Public

You can also download the white paper to read about these misconfigurations, in detail.

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