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Article Amazon Web Services August 28, 2017

Visualize Your Ideal Cloud Configuration Using Migrate in CloudCheckr for VMware

So, you’re thinking about moving some private cloud systems to the public cloud. How would that look? It’s hard to predict exactly what the setup and pricing would be without the proper tools.

That’s why we created CloudCheckr Migrate for VMware. Using this tool — which is free — you can detect your network configuration of virtual machines and storage, and watch the interactive charts show exactly how that setup would look in specialized VMware-approved AWS instances.


CloudCheckr for VMware Migrate


When you select different variations of your existing private cloud equipment setup, the Migrate tool outputs the precise utilization levels for CPU, storage and memory. From there, you’ll see the optimal AWS configurations for your specific needs, including the anticipated monthly spend for any given configuration within the AWS public cloud.

This information equips VMware users to make critical cloud deployment decisions. Upon migration, CloudCheckr’s Cloud Management Platform can be used to continuously optimize configurations and keep the cloud secure.

CloudCheckr CEO Aaron Newman said, “When making decisions on how to configure your cloud ecosystem, there’s nothing more critical than data. We built Migrate to place ideal cloud configuration details right into the hands of VMware users.”

The Migrate tool in CloudCheckr for VMware is available now and free to use.

As always, CloudCheckr is ready to help you optimize your public cloud usage. Schedule a demo today.

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