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Article VMware Cloud September 1, 2017

We Just Got Back from VMworld 2017 and Witnessed a Whole New World for VMware Customers

CloudCheckr returned from Las Vegas after a successful showing at VMworld. The VMware community is clearly excited about the new integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) but still cautious as to how to make the move.

During one of the keynote speeches, Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell (which owns EMC which owns VMware) spoke on the potential that his firm sees with AWS as an additional avenue for VMware customers. It’s no longer a binary choice between VMware in the data center or AWS in the cloud. With VMware on AWS, enterprises can benefit from easy access to AWS features like S3 storage


Michael Dell


Meanwhile, in the AWS booth, CloudCheckr CTO Patrick Gartlan demonstrated the new CloudCheckr Migrate tool for VMware. This free tool helps organizations estimate the configuration they would need as well as calculate the costs they should expect to pay when running VMware on AWS.

Determining the best configuration when making such a migration is only the beginning, however. VMware customers moving to AWS will need to learn about S3 Buckets and other AWS-specific components and the security concerns that go with them. Fortunately, CloudCheckr has them covered.


CloudCheckr for VMWare Migrate Cloud Clusters view


With over 450 Best Practice Checks, CloudCheckr can help organizations shift their VMware workloads to AWS while ensuring security and compliance, as well as optimizing costs. The cloud can be a great way to increase security, availability and decrease costs, but only when done right. CloudCheckr keeps your cloud in check.

Learn more about the free CloudCheckr Migrate tool for VMware and start benefitting from AWS services today.

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