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Article DevOps November 14, 2017

8 Roles To Include In Your Cloud Leadership Team

Building Your CCoE Team

A Center of Excellence (CoE) dedicated to cloud transformation will be responsible for researching, planning and managing the complex logistics of cloud adoption. But what does a CCoE look like? The CCoE team should come from a range of IT backgrounds, so it brings a broad perspective and balanced set of knowledge and skills to the table. It would typically include 3–5 people with day-today job roles, such as:

›› IT manager
›› IT financial manager
›› Operations manager
›› Systems architect
›› Application developer
›› Systems administrator
›› Database administrator
›› Network engineer

It should ideally include members who already have cloud experience. People with a broad set of related skills are particularly useful, owing to the multi-disciplinary nature of the cloud, which sits at the center of a range of emerging IT technologies. But make sure you communicate clearly defined roles to avoid potential demarcation issues.CCoE blueprint post 3 cloudcheckr

Bringing different disciplines together in this way underlines the fundamental principle of DevOps. Hence, the terms CCoE and DevOps are often used interchangeably.

As well as proponents of the cloud, it may also pay dividends to include one or two skeptics in your team. As they begin to embrace the new technology, they may ultimately prove instrumental in bringing about a cultural shift. But the candidates for your CCoE team must also have an open-minded attitude—whatever opinions they currently hold towards the cloud.

Good interpersonal and boardroom skills are also equally important, as your CCoE will need to bring out the best in others, handle objections, report results to senior management and explain the benefits of the cloud to stakeholders.

The role of a team member can be ongoing or temporary. They may also have another position within the organization or work for the CCoE in a full-time capacity.

Want to know more? Read the full Blueprint for the Cloud Center of Excellence here

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