Article Amazon Web Services December 5, 2017

Recapping re:Invent – News from Amazon Web Services and CloudCheckr

AWS re:Invent is in the books and it was an action-packed event. Amazon came out swinging, with announcements every day and CloudCheckr had a lot to show off as well. This article will cover the highlights from both.

AWS GuardDuty

The cloud is secure. At least it has the potential to be secure. Still, the Shared Responsibility Model means you have to do your part. AWS protects their facilities, computing hardware and storage, but it’s up to customers to follow best practices. AWS announced GuardDuty, during the re:Invent keynote, as a way to help. GuardDuty offers intelligent threat detection and continuous monitoring. GuardDuty listens for unusual API calls and detects hackers and hacked instances. It can also protect against potentially unauthorized deployments. GuardDuty works with threat intelligence feeds and even uses Machine Learning, something Amazon has invested heavily in. Unlike competing offerings, AWS does not install an agent, meaning that’s one less bit of software to maintain and it should have no negative impact on application workloads.


AWS GuardDuty – Source: Amazon Web Services

Of course, CloudCheckr will be able to integrate with the data reported by GuardDuty, similarly to how we integrate with AWS Trusted Advisor, side-by-side with our 500+ Best Practice Checks. With one application, CloudCheckr users can be alerted to intrusions and prevent them.

Less is More

AWS is embracing the concepts of Serverless and Containers as ways to simplify your cloud computing. With Aurora Serverless they enable charging only for the seconds when a database is being used. This means you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a SQL database without the associated costs.

AWS enhanced its Lambda offering by supporting up to 3GB of RAM and Google’s Go programming language. AWS also launched Fargate for container orchestration, which adds an abstraction layer and has been dubbed “Serverless for containers.”


AWS Fargate – Source: Amazon Web Services

Get Work Done Fast with our New Look

Attendees enjoyed a sneak peek of the new look for the CloudCheckr app, scheduled to debut later this month. The CloudCheckr app does so many things that the function menu can sometimes be overwhelming. The text menu now disappears when you don’t need it, instead showing just familiar icons. Select one and see your options for that category, such as Security, Cost, and Automation. The header also takes up less space. The result is a streamlined view that gives you more real estate to view your reports and get work done.

New UI

New CloudCheckr User Interface

CloudCheckr Automation

Speaking of automation, you may not know it but over the past year, CloudCheckr has been adding to our robust suite of self-healing automation capabilities. In addition to our “Fix Now” button, you can leverage the “Always Fix” option. Even if you’re an AWS pro, why waste time manually correcting issues when CloudCheckr can do it for you? This way, when CloudCheckr detects a misconfiguration, it can fix it without human intervention. Imagine if someone opens up permissions on an S3 Bucket. Now, CloudCheckr can shut that down, if you desire, even while you’re asleep, and send you an email.

CloudCheckr Migrate

CloudCheckr Migrate for VMware on AWS

CloudCheckr Migrate for VMware on AWS

As demonstrated during VMworld, CloudCheckr is working with VMware to bring on-premise VMware installations to the cloud, specifically VMware on AWS. Our CloudCheckr Migrate tool is a free web-based utility that probes your VMware configuration and determines the equipment needed to run the same workload in the cloud, including AWS pricing. There is no charge for the service and no obligation to become a CloudCheckr customer once running on AWS, but that would certainly be a welcome outcome.

CloudCheckr Go

CloudCheckr Go Mobile App

CloudCheckr Go Mobile App

During AWS re:Invent, we demonstrated a prototype of a CloudCheckr mobile app, dubbed CloudCheckr Go. The mobile app offers the most commonly used features of the web-based version of our app, specifically access to 500+ Best Practice Checks and their status details along with our Cost Savings Report. The app is optimized for the screen size of a smartphone or iPad and can even use text-to-speech to deliver an executive level analysis of an organization’s cloud.

CloudCheckr Alexa Skill

CloudCheckr has developed a free Alexa Skill that reports the latest news and upcoming webinar from CloudCheckr. It also announces a random Best Practice Check from our library of over 500.

AWS re:Invent Sponsor of the Year

Amazon named CloudCheckr AWS Sponsor of the Year!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

CloudCheckr and AWS have been BFFs for years, but this year, they put a ring on it. Or more accurately, a belt. AWS honored CloudCheckr as “AWS Sponsor of the Year” with a larger-than-life World Wrestling style championship belt! It was a great honor and we’re happy to tag team with Amazon to keep the cloud in check!

CloudCheckr Off-road

CloudCheckr and friends hit the road (or lack thereof)

Work Hard, Play Hard

They say all work and no play is a bad thing, and AWS made sure there were plenty of opportunities to play. CloudCheckr took a number of attendees to the desert for dune buggy races, and we had a magician in our booth entertaining crowds while communicating the benefits of CloudCheckr. We gave away a ton of drones and Amazon Echo devices and even a PlayStation 4. The trade show culminated in an amazing “rave” full of wall-size video games, assorted activities, tasty hors d’oeuvres, and electronic dance music. If you missed out, be sure to get a ticket for 2018 and attend our re:Invent Recap Webinar! And if you’re missing out on CloudCheckr’s new features, sign up today for a free trial and keep your cloud in check!

Booth Magic

Standing room only at the CloudCheckr booth

Todd Bernhard
Todd Bernhard is a Product Marketing Manager at CloudCheckr and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. He has been administering, teaching and developing on Unix systems since 1984 including 16 years at Sun Microsystems, now part of Oracle. In 2010, Todd founded the award-winning app development firm This photo is the last known image of him wearing a tie!
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