Cloud Leaders Denver 2018 - Keynote Speaker - Andrew Plato
Article Cloud Leaders March 12, 2018

Learn Why ‘Security is Code’ at Cloud Leaders Denver 2018

You already know the benefits of the cloud: agility, scalability, even security. Security can be even easier in the cloud than an on-premise environment. But can cloud security become a performance advantage? When you integrate automation with cloud security, things start to get weird. Security, compliance, and risk management suddenly change from oppressive time sinks that infuriate leadership into something radically transformative. However, getting there isn’t simple. You can’t simply forklift your NGFW drop it into an EC2 container and call it a day. You have to change not only your controls, but your context. This means new techniques, new tools, and new resources. It means security is code.

In our Cloud Leaders Denver 2018 keynote presentation, Andrew Plato—the founder and CEO of the oldest security intelligence company in the nation—will explore the inherent security of the cloud and how it can be combined with automation to truly transform your business.


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Andrew is the founder and CEO of Anitian. In 1995, while working on an early e-commerce website at Microsoft, Andrew hacked into the site using a SQL injection style attack. When the developers of the site incorrectly dismissed this hack as harmless, Andrew became inspired to start Anitian and help organizations understand the complexities of cybersecurity. Today, Andrew and Anitian serve thousands of clients worldwide with a complete suite of managed security and compliance products and services.


Cloud Leaders Portland 2018 - Keynote Speaker - Andrew Plato
Andrew Plato, Founder & CEO of Anitian, speaking at Cloud Leaders Portland 2018.
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