Security Automation & Orchestration with AWS Cloud
Article Resource March 15, 2018

Focus on Security Automation & Orchestration with AWS Cloud at Cloud Leaders Denver 2018

Governments, enterprises and organizations are striving to keep up with the current threat landscape. Security and compliance of regulated workloads rely on too many manual processes, a lack of resources, skills and budgets. Security and risk management leaders continue to labor over how they secure current, legacy and cloud resources within their limited constraints. This Cloud Leaders session introduces the concept of Security Automation and Orchestration (SAO) used for constraining, tracking, publishing continuous security configurations, integration, deployments and treatments which can be certified against common security frameworks. The result enables cloud engineers and security practitioners to design, architect and implement automation in an AWS customer account to automatically enforce security and compliance requirements.

In this Cloud Leaders Denver 2018 presentation, Tim Sandage—Senior Security Partner Strategist at AWS—will demonstrate how controlling, auditing and managing identity, configuration and usage is a crucial part of today’s IT infrastructure landscape.


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Tim is an experienced Security and Privacy professional with extensive experience helping organizations solve business problems as they relate to risk and compliance management, privacy and security. At AWS, Tim is responsible for global security partner strategic alignment of AWS services in support of current and future security/compliance capabilities. Tim is also an active external customer advisor on multiple security verticals, public policy organization and standard bodies within the United States, EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) and Asia-Pacific as it relates secure cloud computing adoption.


AWS Senior Security Partner Strategist, Tim Sandage, at Cloud Leaders Portland 2018
AWS Senior Security Partner Strategist, Tim Sandage, at Cloud Leaders Portland 2018
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