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Article Amazon Web Services May 21, 2018

AMI Deployment Makes Cloud Management More Appealing to the Public Sector

AMI Deployment Makes Cloud Management More Appealing to the Public Sector

In regulated industries and the public sector, security and data privacy are extremely important. Often, this makes Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models unrealistic. Enterprises in these industries see the benefits of using Amazon Web Services (AWS), but sometimes struggle with the intricacies of third-party data access.

The CloudCheckr Amazon Machine Image (AMI) provides all of CloudCheckr’s SaaS capabilities in a self-hosted environment — which resolves these data sovereignty and security concerns. In late April, CloudCheckr made several functionality and API improvements to our AMI version of the CloudCheckr platform, which is available on the AWS Marketplace.

This self-hosted version of our award-winning software provides visibility for cost management, security, and governance within and across a customer’s entire AWS environment. Customers can immediately realize up to 30 percent cost savings with utilization insights, misprovisioned, idle and previous generation resource identification, and right sizing and reserved capacity recommendations for five AWS services.

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Users can now rely on CloudCheckr to help them scale their governance, risk and compliance capabilities as they scale their environments. With CloudCheckr, customers gain a deeper understanding of their exposure, and quickly mitigate risks with our programmatic Best Practice Checks, security alerts, and self-healing automation capabilities. CloudCheckr provides regular software updates to our AMI offering, and users can easily upgrade their subscription via AWS Marketplace.

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The AMI allows CloudCheckr to run in a customer’s AWS account within their own virtual private cloud (VPC) on a single Amazon EC2 instance. It can be deployed in various sized Amazon EC2 instances to accommodate small, medium, large, and enterprise-class environments. The self-hosted version communicates directly with the AWS API. It does not communicate with CloudCheckr’s network and user data never leaves the user’s environment.

“CloudCheckr Cost and Security Management is a leading monitoring and security offering which all types of organizations depend on to make informed decisions around their AWS environments,” said Barry Russell, Head of Global Business Development, AWS Marketplace, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

“Our customers want easy-to-use software like CloudCheckr Cost and Security Management that is available for immediate purchase and deployment from AWS Marketplace. The offering is an excellent option for industries and verticals that have industry-specific compliance requirements.”

For more information, please visit the CloudCheckr AMI in AWS Marketplace, learn more about CloudCheckr’s functionality, or contact CloudCheckr support with any questions.

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