Article Resource October 30, 2018

Avoid these Costly Cloud Scares this Halloween, and Every Day

It might be Halloween season, but that doesn’t mean you need to be scared of the cloud. Sure, you might run in to some monsters but nothing you can’t tame, with the right tools. For example, you might find zombies in your environment. These are unattached, unused or idle resources that could be terminated for good.

You might discover giants, or oversized instances that should be “right sized” to match your computing needs. Or, heaven forbid, you could be infested with blood suckers and other vampires that are sucking your life blood (money) at night or over the weekend. You could leverage automation to turn such instances off, based on a schedule.

There are other scary monsters that could be wreaking havoc in your cloud, but you can stop them, with the right tool. Put away your pitchforks, though, and try a free trial of CloudCheckr. Not only can CloudCheckr control your costs, it can identify security vulnerabilities, and even fix them for you, while you sleep. And without those monsters under your bed, you just might get some sleep after all!

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Todd Bernhard
Todd Bernhard is a Product Marketing Manager at CloudCheckr and AWS Solutions Architect Associate and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. He has been administering, teaching and developing on Unix systems since 1984 including 16 years at Sun Microsystems, now part of Oracle. In 2010, Todd founded the award-winning app development firm This photo is the last known image of him wearing a tie!
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