Self-Healing Cloud Automation

Take the guesswork out of managing your cloud and free up resources with dynamic automation.

Security & Compliance

CloudCheckr identifies and fixes security and compliance issues programmatically via snapbacks, guardrails and automated security group cleanups.

RI Rebalancing & Resizing

CloudCheckr automatically reallocates, resizes, or even modifies Reserved Instances. Maintain historical data to track RI inventory across the entire lifecycle and inform future purchases.

Manage Resources at Scale

Start and stop EC2 instances to run only when you need them. CloudCheckr helps control your infrastructure by automatically enforcing tag-or-terminate policies.

Automatic Snapshots

CloudCheckr automatically captures snapshots of individual EBS volumes, RDS instances, and Redshift clusters. It creates AMI images of your EC2 instances, too.

Cost Optimization

CloudCheckr automatically reallocates purchasing options to ensure proper usage. CloudCheckr restores, resizes, and terminates Redshift and RDS clusters, and adjusts DynamoDB, to match capacity needs.

Best Practice Checks

CloudCheckr provides more than 500 best practice checks integrated directly into the platform. Customizable dashboards allow button-click fixes for cost, security, and utilization.

Self-healing Cloud Automation from CloudCheckr

CloudCheckr can improve the productivity and efficiency of your team by automating key tasks in your cloud like spend allocation and security monitoring to reduce your public cloud costs. With extensive out-of-the-box analytics and automated tasks, customers confidently can manage their cloud at scale.

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