Blog   |   Automation   |   November 21, 2016

Automate Enterprise Cloud Cost and Security with Turbot and CloudCheckr

Integrating tools across teams has always been a challenge—and the cloud has added even more complexity to the equation. As Enterprises aim to unify and streamline their infrastructure and operations to support AWS, tools like Turbot Guardrails are becoming invaluable for keeping IT tools and teams in sync across all AWS accounts.

Turbot lives on top of the AWS console and provides businesses visibility and control across AWS accounts. Turbot’s Guardrails enforces access control for many users across many accounts, enabling easier security and accountability for large enterprises.

Turbot recently integrated CloudCheckr into its core product, extending additional capabilities into a consistent policy and identity framework for the Cloud Team with Turbot, AWS, OS, DB, Networking, App Config, and CloudCheckr. As cloud adoption grows across the business, it can be challenging to quickly scale, maintain consistency, and save time as AWS accounts are hyper-dynamic. The integration will accelerate the ability for Turbot and CloudCheckr users to manage and automate their cloud in a few important ways.


Flexibility Through Visibility

The Turbot integration for CloudCheckr enables flexibility for businesses looking to manage their data, while providing more accessible visibility. Businesses can remain agile as they scale by automatically syncing accounts and users between AWS, Turbot, and CloudCheckr, on a global or individual level.

With integration inevitably comes the question of control. Turbot helps businesses manage users and accounts between AWS and CloudCheckr by extending IAM models, simplifying role management, and syncing users or profiles based on unique business needs. Integrating roles and permissions is fast and transparent, with consistent activity updates right in the Turbot dashboard.

The seamless integration between CloudCheckr and Turbot adds significant value for enterprises by providing actionable recommendations to accelerate and optimize utilization across accounts and AWS environments—all within their Turbot license.


Easy, Automated Account Syncing

The integration enables quick setup of CloudCheckr with existing tools and workflow, automatically extending visibility and syncing across accounts, users, and policies. IT and DevOps are then able to operationalize CloudCheckr into the Enterprise, so they can scale faster. Syncing CloudCheckr accounts with AWS accounts, connecting user management roles between tools, and enabling multi-account views allows businesses a unified view of their environment that was previously not possible. Newly integrated CloudCheckr recommendations around purchasing, right-sizing, or rebalancing Reserved Instances will provide enterprises with the actionable intelligence they need to optimize AWS spend.

As businesses grow faster and more dynamically in the cloud,  this integration is just one example of how a complex cloud environment can be simplified and automated. With the additional functionality baked into the tool itself, businesses can be sure they’re using their AWS services more efficiently right away.

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