Blog   |   Automation   |   June 30, 2017

Avoid a Cloud Catastrophe: Save the Holiday Fireworks for Home, Not the Office

At CloudCheckr, we are big proponents of two things: a healthy work/life balance, and automating tasks to save time and money. With the long Fourth of July weekend upon us, we know many of our domestic customers are probably contemplating how best to unplug for a few days—without losing control of their IT and cloud infrastructure. What if something breaks over the weekend? If you sign off on Monday night, you might not find out about issues—nor be able to fix them—until Wednesday morning. Is that camping trip really worth it?

You can go camping knowing your cloud environment is staying in check with the support of CloudCheckr’s self-healing  and auto-fix capabilities. Depending on how hands-on you’d like to be, you can configure CloudCheckr to email you when it discovers problems and suggest the fix, or proactively fix it for you and email you afterwards. Administrators can select from dozens of fixes to automate, most notable among them S3 Bucket permissions.


AutoFix Animation


Recently, the private data of nearly 200 million U.S. voters was found to be publicly accessible, because it was stored on an S3 bucket without correct permissions. This potentially harmful oversight could have been avoided with the support of several of CloudCheckr’s 450+ Best Practice Checks. CloudCheckr has also developed a S3 Bucket Check tool that is free for everyone, whether or not they are a CloudCheckr customer.

So, enjoy that long weekend, and all your weekends. Automate security, utilization, and cost management using CloudCheckr and keep the fireworks over the ballpark, not in the office.

Check your S3 buckets before you go!

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