Blog   |   Automation   |   July 3, 2018

Learn How CloudCheckr Makes CloudCheckr Work on ‘This Is My Architecture’

I had the opportunity to sit down (technically we were standing) with Matt Yanchyshyn, Global Tech Lead for AWS Partner Program, to talk about how we have architected CloudCheckr. We recorded the chat for This is My Architecture , their video series on innovative cloud architectures. It was great to hear from Matt that he has a lot of customers using CloudCheckr because, as he puts it, CloudCheckr eliminates the “undifferentiated heavy lifting” and helps customers understand their costs and increase security.
We talked about the over 500 Best Practice Checks that CloudCheckr offers, for cost optimization, security and compliance, utilization and High Availability. Matt agreed that such automation is essential, especially if you’re managing multiple accounts. I drew up our architecture, which is of course 100% cloud-based. There are no agents to install. We rely on multiple Windows Server EC2 instances running C# talking to SQL Server hosted on AWS RDS. Some numbers to consider: we manage over 300 RDS instances, and over 550 terabytes of allocated storage with over 30,000 active database connections each day. So we know what it’s like to run a large AWS configuration. That’s why CloudCheckr uses CloudCheckr to optimize our own cloud infrastructure!
Matt also asked about how CloudCheckr is accessed, whether it is via web or API, and the answer is both. CloudCheckr is available as a SaaS offering, with a robust API on the AWS Marketplace for those who need to run their own instance.
You can watch the video to see how we are using various AWS technologies, including IAM, EC2, S3, RDS, alongside Microsoft technologies like Windows Server, IIS and SQL Server.