Blog   |   Automation   |   January 25, 2021

Cleared for Takeoff: CloudCheckr CMx and AWS Control Tower

CloudCheckr CMx Now Integrates with AWS Control Tower

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This is a guest contribution by Rob Mossi, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at CloudCheckr. Rob is a go to market specialist with 15 plus years in the technology data governance and data management sectors and has helped numerous sales and channel organizations transition to value based storytelling.

Remember the days of business travel? After buckling up on the plane, I loved to tune into the control tower chatter. I’d listen for our flight number, runway, and any other info trying to decipher if we would be taking off on time or sitting on the tarmac. Behind the scenes, highly trained personnel control every plane’s move—when to depart the gate, runway assignments, and of course, when to take off. Even after takeoff, the pilots adhere to the direction of the control tower. Each day presented different variables—weather, airspace, clearances, charts and federal regulations—challenging the casual listener (like me) to make sense of it all.

And behind all that air traffic chatter is the tower itself. Unmistakable, it stands above the rest of the airport overlooking the entire tarmac. The systems in the tower provide all the information needed to help make decisions and maintain order.

What does the airport and cloud adoption have in common? Air traffic controllers maintain flow and safety, while cloud adopters are always looking for new ways to scale quickly while maintaining IT guardrails… not an easy task. To mitigate this, AWS provides a free service that helps cloud users to scale their cloud accounts while controlling the numerous variables that make up their corporate IT posture.   

Achieving Scalable AWS Management and Governance

AWS Control Tower enables cloud administrators to automate the scaling of AWS environments with best practices for multi-account structure, security, permissions, log archiving, and compliance. Users can take advantage of pre-configured guardrails and set up a new multi-account environment with just a single click in the AWS Management Console. In the end, much like at the airport, AWS Control Tower provides flow and order as customers scale their environments. AWS Control Tower sets a baseline for security and compliance, but as an environment grows and variables change, how do you effectively achieve scalable management and governance?

Enter CloudCheckr.

CloudCheckr is a cloud management platform that unifies AWS data streams to provide actionable insights and recommendations to help manage the costs and security of AWS environments. The platform replaces multiple point solutions by consolidating cost management insights, security monitoring, compliance benchmarking, and automated remediation into a single dashboard.

To further augment scaling with IT governance, CloudCheckr CMx is now integrated with AWS Control Tower. While AWS Control Tower alone automates the setup of your AWS accounts, the CloudCheckr CMx integration ensures ease of scaling and immediate time to value.

Users can automatically configure their newly-deployed accounts in CloudCheckr, with no manual work required. When an account is created, AWS Control Tower instantly shares role information with CMx, allowing the account to be managed immediately after creation. With AWS Control Tower and CloudCheckr CMx together, users can fully govern AWS workloads with rules for security, compliance, and corporate governance. 

Order and Operational Effectiveness are Within Reach

The airport control tower can only do so much. After processing the many variables needed to take off, the tower doesn’t fly the plane and can’t guarantee an on time arrival. Fortunately for cloud users, you can have both order and operational effectiveness through the combination of AWS Control Tower and CloudCheckr CMx. This pairing provides a fully managed flight plan for cloud users to easily scale, maintain governance and achieve rapid return on investment. 

Connect with our cloud optimization experts and see for yourself how CloudCheckr CMx can enhance your AWS Control Tower experience. Or watch our webinar with AWS, “Set Your Public Cloud Flight Plan with AWS Control Tower and CloudCheckr CMx”.