Blog   |   Billing & Invoicing   |   September 12, 2012

AWS Cost Tagging and Allocation

Amazon Web Services announced a major aid in AWS cost allocation – they are extending the EC2 cost tagging system to include the following 8 services:
1. S3 buckets
2. EC2 Instances
3. EBS volumes
4. Reserved Instances
5. Spot Instance requests
6. VPN connections
7. Amazon RDS DB Instances
8. AWS CloudFormation Stacks
Two notes to keep in mind:
First, users will be able to tag track both existing and new resources.
Second, AWS is limiting this feature to only 10 tags per resource right now, but it does promise to increase that number in future.
We at CloudCheckr are biased toward automation (our solution is based upon the premise) and salute AWS for automating and reducing the amount of time and effort spent analyzing and then allocating costs from the AWS services.
CloudCheckr can help further automate usage and cost analysis. Schedule a demo to find out what CloudCheckr can do for you.