Blog   |   Billing & Invoicing   |   September 19, 2017

Introducing Pricing by the Second on the AWS Cloud

Amazon has lowered prices on their AWS cloud platform more than sixty times, but one particular pricing change has eluded customers. They have been billed by the hour, whether they use a computing instance for one minute or 59 minutes.
Meanwhile, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform were charging by the minute to differentiate their services. This was a way to deliver on the promised benefits of the cloud – that you pay for what you use and no more.
All of this will change, effective October 2, at least for Linux users. Amazon will not only change their policy, they will leapfrog their competitors. Customers will be billed for cloud computing in one-second increments, with a one-minute minimum. This applies to EC2 instances including On-Demand, Reserved and Spot Instances. The new pricing model also covers EBS storage, EMR clusters and Batch jobs. The result will be a dramatically more granular and accurate reflection of their usage. Azure and Google may respond in kind.

AWS billing by the secondSource: AWS

Of course, such changes will be reflected in CloudCheckr, which has always made it easy to optimize an enterprise’s usage of cloud computing. In fact, now that billing will be done in one-second intervals, there is even more incentive to make such changes happen automatically.
For example, the sooner an unused instance can be shut down, the sooner the savings. CloudCheckr’s automated “Fix Now” capabilities mean misconfigurations can be detected, and with pre-approval, fixed automatically to save time and money and increase security.
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