Blog   |   Compliance   |   November 12, 2015

CloudCheckr is Now a Listed AWS Cloud Compliance Partner

by Philip Monte Verde
There’s no need for us to tell you again how important maintaining security and protecting data is. Wherever there is a dollar to be made or power to be gained you will inevitably find a gallery of shady bandits. When the safety, security or even identity of your customers or employees is on the line, you don’t wanna mess around.
Which makes this news all the more sweet: CloudCheckr is a listed AWS Cloud Compliance Partner.
The cloud environment consists of twin shared responsibilities. AWS provides the “security of the cloud” and gives you the tools to maintain “the security in the cloud.” These tools include encryption, security groups and multi-factor identifications. It is in ensuring that these tools are utilized correctly that makes CloudCheckr stand out.
CloudCheckr keeps companies compliant through an industry leading 350+ best practices checks. These best practice checks cover scenarios that the bad guys haven’t even considered as they were created by team members with large cybersecurity backgrounds. We provide both an initial sweep of your environment and continuous monitoring of your AWS CloudTrail logs.
Our Continuous Monitoring provides customers with security, audit and visibility tools to help fulfill HIPAA, FISMA Moderate and other major compliance frameworks. Check out our helpful educational resources page for greater detail.
The app itself is clean, concise and easy to use. The picture is clear at the surface level and each report can be drilled down for further detail.
Data security is a zero-sum game. With stakes so high, we could all use a helping hand.
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