Blog   |   Cost Management   |   December 5, 2016

The 5 Must-See Reports to Make the Most of Your CloudCheckr Trial

CloudCheckr offers a feature-rich, two-week evaluation experience for MSPs and AWS resellers, enterprises, and government agencies looking to experience our unified cloud governance platform first-hand. Although two weeks may not seem like quite enough time to really see benefits from such a comprehensive tool, it certainly can be—especially with a plan of action. In fact, many customers see immediate value from using the CloudCheckr app to gain cost, utilization, and security insights across their AWS environment. We put together our shortlist of the five CloudCheckr reports you need to explore to monitor, manage, and optimize your cloud in just a few days.

Best Practices

Over 600 Best Practice Checks are integrated directly into the CloudCheckr platform to monitor cost, security, usage, and availability across your cloud environment. Because CloudCheckr is purpose-built for Amazon Web Services (AWS), you can be sure that any AWS, industry, or expert-driven best practices are automatically compiled right in this report. Actionable insights are summarized in a concise, color-coded table to provide in-depth details about cost management, security and compliance, inventory and utilization, or governance tasks. Recommended actions are prioritized to point you in the right direction so you can move fast while keeping your cloud safe. Find out how to access and manage this report in our Support Hub.

Spend Analysis

This report is invaluable to making the most of your cloud investment. From idle or unused instances to underutilized resources, this report provides usage and purchasing recommendations to manage and optimize cloud expenses. From an immediate value standpoint, this report will give you that “a-ha!” moment you’re looking for to see (and show) how much money can be saved through unified cloud management. Read more in the Support Hub.

Advanced Grouping

The Advanced Grouping report gives you the ability to drill down further into cloud costs. Whether by tag, account, region, or AWS service, this is the deeper-dive report you’ve been looking for. Track AWS costs by application within your department so you know exactly what spend and usage looks like—so you can prioritize and innovate faster. Find out how to set this up in the Support Hub.

CloudTrail Summary

The CloudTrail Summary report gives you a statistical breakdown of AWS CloudTrail events, enabling you to drill into IPs, users, resources, or regions. Surfacing security events ensures your team can proactively avoid security incidents and mitigate risks faster. Check out more details in the Support Hub.

Perimeter Assessment

Along the same lines, understanding where security threats can access your cloud infrastructure is critical. CloudCheckr offers continuous perimeter monitoring to recognize exposures within your environment to see where data may be publicly accessible across your AWS infrastructure. With detailed, actionable insights to show you which rules are leaving your environment vulnerable, you can act efficiently to keep your cloud safe. Find out how to set this up in the Support Hub.

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