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Article Resource August 23, 2019

Make Cloud Migration Easy: Hire These 8 People to Run Your Company’s CCoE

Cloud Centers of Excellence (CCoE)


What are Cloud Centers of Excellence?

A CCoE is a team of executives who lead the cloud migration strategy for an organization—typically through new skills, technology, working practices, and services. It champions the migration process, providing guidance, support, and training to employees throughout the transition and ensuring everyone is on-board and pulling in the same direction. Not convinced? Read more on the case for creating a Cloud Center of Excellence within your organization. 


Building Your CCoE Team

Your CCoE team should come from a wide range of IT backgrounds in order to bring a variety of perspectives and a balanced set of knowledge and skills to the organization. It would typically include 3–5 people who have held job titles such as:

✓ IT manager
✓ IT financial manager
✓ Operations manager
✓ Systems architect
✓ Application developer
✓ Systems administrator
✓ Database administrator
✓ Network engineer


Stand-out Skills

Ideally, it should include members who already have cloud experience. People with a broad set of related skills are particularly useful, owing to the multi-disciplinary nature of the cloud, which sits at the center of a range of emerging IT technologies. But make sure you communicate clearly defined roles to avoid potential demarcation issues. Bringing different disciplines together in this way underlines the fundamental principle of DevOps. That’s why the terms CCoE and DevOps are often used interchangeably.


Embrace the Skeptics

As well as proponents of the cloud, it may also help to include one or two skeptics in your team. As they begin to embrace the new technology, they may ultimately prove instrumental in bringing about a cultural shift. But the candidates for your CCoE team must also have an open-minded attitude—whatever opinions they currently hold towards the cloud.


Communication is Key

Good interpersonal and boardroom skills are also equally important, as your CCoE will need to bring out the best in others, handle objections, report results to senior management and explain the benefits of the cloud to stakeholders.



The role of a team member can be ongoing or temporary. They may have another position within the organization or work for the CCoE in a full-time capacity. Now that you understand the basics, download our free white paper, Blueprint for the Cloud Center of Excellence, to learn how to accelerate the planning phase of cloud migration, and examine the potential challenges of your CCoE.


CCOE Cloud Center of Excellence blueprint


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