Blog   |   Cost Management   |   May 5, 2016

AWS Adoption on the Rise in Europe & Asia-Pacific

We recently spent a week engaging with over 10,000 AWS customers at the AWS Summit events in Sydney, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

AWS Sydney Summit - CloudCheckr Booth                      AWS Kuala Lumpur Summit

The biggest takeaway we had was that a mature market has developed in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia over the past year. Many sophisticated enterprises are beginning to embrace the cloud as the ‘way we do things’ and the sorts of questions they were asking reflected their maturity. It is still early for AWS in some organizations, but it is growing and people are excited!
Unlike in 2015 when many were on the fence as to whether they go all in on the cloud or not, this year demonstrated that many leading organizations have moved beyond the uncertainty. From hot start-ups to the enterprise, we heard questions around cost optimization, security, and resource utilization that indicated that these regions are moving into production and needing to get clarity and confidence across their AWS investments.
In addition to the uptick in overall adoption and maturity, we noticed a broad interest at a regional basis. For instance, while in Singapore we met with many organizations from the broader Asia-Pacific region (China & Japan in particular) who are jumping onto AWS and the cloud.
Of particular interest was the large emphasis on IoT (internet of things) in Australia. There was a fantastic keynote presentation from Glenn Gore, Head of Technology, APAC, Amazon Web Services who showed integration from an Amazon Echo with multiple IoT devices. Also, another top-notch IoT presentation from Origin Energy. Very cool and innovative which was exciting to see.

Glenn Gore AWS Summit

A very big thank you to our partner, G-Asia Pacific, a MSP based out of Malaysia covering all of southeast Asia, for hosting us while in the region. Check them out.

CloudCheckr for AWS Adoption Across the World

CloudCheckr supports AWS users in regions all over the world. See case studies from a couple of our European and Asia-Pacific customers: Siemens Mobility in Germany and Cloud Comrade from Singapore.
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