Blog   |   Cost Management   |   November 14, 2016

AWS London Enterprise Summit Recap

Coming away from last week’s AWS London Enterprise Summit gave us plenty of great food for thought, as we speed towards the end of the month and AWS re:Invent. The event, for us, was very much about great quality conversations with our peers and prospects in the cloud space. We recognized two core themes among AWS users that we expect to continue proliferating.


Cloud Management versus Single Solution

When businesses first migrate to the cloud, it can be easy to get caught up in the many components of cost management. But as enterprises mature in cloud adoption after the initial migration (like many of the London Summit attendees we spoke with), the challenge becomes less about finding a single point solution and more about a comprehensive cloud management solution. As we discussed the dynamic nature of the cloud, Summit folks noted that a unified cloud governance platform—actionable insights and automation for cost and security of their cloud—would be critical in their potential to grow fast and stay safe in the cloud.


Long Term Cloud Potential

As much time as we spent discussing unique business goals, we also discussed infrastructure needs to support those goals. We heard a repeated sense of optimism and dedication from Summit attendees to committing to a long-term cloud management platform. As such, it’s clear that a scalable solution is key to growing enterprises in the cloud—and will continue to be.

One thing that remains true of Summit attendees is the continuing desire and value in collaboration across the AWS Partner Network and AWS users. We look forward to following up the great conversations that were had in London with more of our customers and partners over the next several months.

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