Article Resource March 19, 2013

CloudCheckr adds new features for Amazon Web Services (AWS) visibility and control

We just want to let users and non-users know that we released a new version of CloudCheckr. There have been a lot of additions, but we hope our users pay particular attention to the following 3 features for improving visibility and control of AWS deployments:

1. Additional best practice alerts to identify under and over utilized instances. CloudCheckr now highlights these exceptions as a High Priority alert. Click-through functionality from the alert allows users to access all relevant information about the particular instance. This enables users to efficiently identify and remedy instance utilization issues.

2. Mapping alerts for heavy utilization reserved instances. We found that many of our users purchase reserved instances but failed to correctly map their new instances to purchased reservations meaning that they were literally paying twice for the same instance. They had purchased a RI in one AZ but were running the instance in a different AZ. This is an even bigger problem for Reserved Heavy Utilization instances since they are billed irrespective of whether the purchaser actually uses them. The new alert allows users to quickly identify and then remedy this costly problem.

3. S3 functionality for change monitoring. Change monitoring is one of our most popular features, and our users asked us to include changes to S3. We now highlight which buckets have been added, deleted, and modified. This will allow users to quickly assess important changes in their S3 environment.

We hope these features add even more value, and please let us know what you think.
We are always looking for feedback and suggestions for how we can improve CloudCheckr.

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