Blog   |   Cost Management   |   August 30, 2017

SaaS Contracts Now Available for CloudCheckr on AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace has been simplifying software procurement in many ways. Through the AWS Marketplace, customers find, purchase and implement products – such as CloudCheckr’s Cloud Management Platform. Up until last year, AWS Marketplace offered customers the ability to purchase and run software as an Amazon Image Machine (AMI) on a consumption basis.
With the introduction of SaaS Contracts at re:Invent 2016, AWS customers gained powerful convenience and simplicity via their AWS Console and streamlined AWS bills, which includes third-party applications such as CloudCheckr. This enables organizations to simplify proof of concepts, streamline procurement and consolidate their AWS and CloudCheckr billing into one place.
CloudCheckr is excited to announce the general availability of SaaS Contracts on the AWS SaaS Marketplace. This new offering streamlines deployments and improves time-to-value for customers by leveraging CloudCheckr’s cost and security intelligence across their AWS environment. If you’d like to share your feedback, leave us a review on the AWS Marketplace.
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