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FinOps 101: Learn the Basics of Cloud Financial Operations in Our Upcoming Webinar

Think cloud financial management is just about lowering costs? Think again.

As cloud costs become an increasingly material expense, FinOps is gaining momentum as a critical initiative. FinOps, short for Cloud Financial Operations, is a practice that combines data, organization, and culture to help companies manage their cloud spend.


What does a FinOps practice include?

More than simply managing and monitoring costs, FinOps takes a holistic view of the cloud’s business value tied in with an organization’s objectives. An effective FinOps practice aligns advanced cost management metrics with business metrics such as revenue and profit; development schedules, requirements, and costs; business units and operations; growth projections; and other long-term analysis. 

Anyone can practice FinOps. A typical FinOps practice gathers stakeholders from the C-suite as well as leaders across technology, finance, and business to examine the data and make informed decisions that tie cloud usage to the objectives of the business.

There is no special training required to begin your FinOps journey. But the more tools and resources you have, the more chance you have of bringing FinOps success to your organization.

But first, you have to start with the basics…

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Ready to learn how to build a FinOps practice?

Join us for our upcoming webinar, “Beyond Cost Management: Understanding Basic FinOps Concepts,” on Wednesday, February 23, at 3 PM EST.

Whether you’re planning to implement FinOps within your own organization or facilitate a FinOps practice for your customers, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of FinOps as a concept. You’ll also learn how familiar cost management techniques fit into the wider picture of a more efficient and cost-effective cloud practice. 

Joining us is thought leader Mike Fuller, Chair of the FinOps Foundation’s Technical Advisory Council (TAC), co-author of O’Reilly’s popular Cloud FinOps book, and Principal Systems Engineer at Atlassian. Mike, alongside CloudCheckr’s resident cloud evangelist Todd Bernhard, will look at key areas around: 

  • The value of a FinOps approach for enterprises and managed service providers
  • What typical cloud cost management looks like compared to an evolved FinOps practice 
  • Examples of FinOps journeys and pitfalls to avoid, as seen by our experts

If you’re looking to level up your cloud financial operations practices, you won’t want to miss out. Register now for the webinar.

Beyond Cost Management:

Understanding Basic FinOps Concepts

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