Article Resource August 3, 2015

Optimizing Allocation and AWS Spend

How much time does it take you to analyze your AWS bill? Is your team spending considerable time sifting through csv files? Are you instances optimized? CloudCheckr makes all of that possible in one dashboard. Aaron Newman had the vision to provide visibility into AWS cloud presences. As a result our customers are realizing a 30%  cost savings on a regular basis.  The AWS billing information is laid out for you by day, month and year. The spend can be sorted by usage defined by tags. In addition you can see projected costs based on present usage. And most importantly you can see what resources could be optimized and the savings  realized.

One of our customers shares that in a webinar we recently recorded including what steps they took towards resolution. They had standalone accounts billing to credit cards. Management had no idea of who or what some of the bills were for. This global imaging company made a conscious decision to be able to report on each project, tie it to a business function including an owner. And it included creating a governance system to avoid returning to the previous state.

Aaron Newman, CloudCheckr CTO is joined by Scott Ward, Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services in this webinar to provide an overview of how to optimize for spend and best practices for cost allocation. It’s a case study of how a CloudCheckr customer, a leading global imaging company, put governance and best practices in place. The result was:
– identification of $38 k per year in immediate cost savings
– identified another potential $20k per year potential savings by optimizing under utilized instances.
– identified $10k per year in deprecated accounts (which were canceled)

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