Article Resource February 27, 2017

Revamping the AWS Users Group in Rochester NY

CloudCheckr is excited to kickstart the spring with the AWS Users Group here in Rochester NY. Tomorrow,  we’re hosting an event for all AWS users (from new to power users), or anybody interested in migrating to the cloud.

We’re looking forward to a presentation from AWS Global Startup Evangelist, Mackenzie Kosut. We’ll also be doing a quick recap of the Best of Re:Invent 2016, followed by a demo of the cool new Rekognition service. There will also be time to network with other AWS users while enjoying food and refreshments.

We think it’s important for people to bounce ideas off of each other as they encounter challenges and triumphs in the cloud. As we know, cloud management can get complicated quickly, especially while scaling. CloudCheckr is dedicated to  developing a customer-driven application; many feature developments stem from conversations and events such as this.
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