Article Resource September 13, 2016

Utilization Is Key – Save Money & Run At Peak Performance

Utilization is key. Save money and run at peak performance with the new CloudCheckr Right Sizing report!

What does it collect?

The Right Sizing report collects instances CPU and memory usage which it then turns in to a utilization score. The scores are from 0 to 10. The score will indicate whether you should upsize, downsize or leave your instances as they are. Low scores indicate that an instance is underutilized, and high scores indicate that an instance is over utilized.

Where is this report?

To find this report you will want to go into the Utilization report of CloudCheckr. Once you open the dropdown you will see a “Right Sizing” report which will include the utilization scores mentioned above (pictured below).

Utilization Drop Down Example on CloudCheckr

As you can see, there are several built-in EC2 Memory Metrics that CloudCheckr has already set up for you, which you can toggle on or off.

Built in Metrics under Utilization report of CloudCheckr

You also have the ability to create your own custom CloudWatch metrics by filling in the Name Space, Metric, and Dimension fields. To create these metrics, just go to the “Manage Custom Metrics” report (pictured below). When inputting your dimension, you can either define a specific Dimension, or use input * or leave the field blank to collect on all Dimensions.

Custom Metrics under Utilization report of CloudCheckr

How does this help me?

This report helps you in two major ways. First, you’ll see cost savings; by making sure that you are right-sized, you will not waste money on idle resources. The main goal when we created this report was to give users a quick way to find potential cost savings. When you open the report, you can immediately skim through the scores and have a quick understanding of which instances are being underutilized.

Secondly, you will notice a difference in terms of performance. By having everything set up in optimal conditions, you will see the best possible performance with your deployments. Our secondary goal was to make sure our users were able to run at peak performance and see minimal downtime, which again can be seen with just a quick glance through the utilization scores.

What’s next for this report?

Currently the report does not go across instance type, but it will in our next iteration. We will also be adding two other utilization metrics, Network Utilization and Disc Utilization, in our next iteration—so stay tuned!

If you would like to get a demo of this report, whether or not you’re a CloudCheckr user, contact us. If you are not yet a CloudCheckr user but are ready to dive in for a test drive, try a 14-day, no credit card, free trial here.

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