AWS Auditor's Guide
Whitepaper Amazon Web Services August 17, 2016

The Auditor’s Guide to Amazon Web Services

About The Whitepaper

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leader in the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) space. AWS features have matured quickly, and adoption is gaining critical mass. If AWS, and the cloud as a whole, is to be accepted by the enterprise, companies must learn how to utilize the cloud while meeting the compliance and governance standards which already exist in the datacenter. This will require a combination of knowledge and access to the proper tools.

Concerns about security present the biggest objections to cloud adoption. Why does security present an obstacle? First, the cloud is new and there is a general unease surrounding the new and unknown. Second, the initial unease is compounded by the current lack of subject matter experts regarding cloud security. Many of the tool vendors have re-marketed their current offerings as “cloud- enabled”, but upon deeper examination they fail to work in a cloud environment. This adds to the uncertainty surrounding cloud security.

Download this whitepaper, written by CloudCheckr co-founder Aaron Newman, to understand:

  • Why cloud security so tricky

  • How physical security concerns subside in the cloud

  • Actionable steps for an auditor

  • Best Practices to help keep your cloud in check

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