Case Study Cost Management

Automation and Visibility Help Ocado Reduce AWS Bills and Maintain Public Cloud Control

In your own words, why did you need a tool like CloudCheckr?

Our primary driver for selecting CloudCheckr was to get an enhanced visibility and control of the costs associated with cloud usage. Over the last 18 months, our cloud usage has really ramped up and our costs have increased significantly month over month as a result. We wanted to have better granularity of where
our spend was going and what we were using.

Can you describe your overall usage of AWS?

It’s been amazing to see the speed at which AWS does things. It’s also easy to lose sight of its associated costs! We have a large number of accounts and spend. We use the consolidated billing capabilities with one payer account and
more than a dozen operating accounts. We use a wide variety of AWS services, both primary services such as EC2, S3, RDS as well as many secondary services such as ElastiCache, KMS, Lambda, Route 53, CloudFormation, DynamoDB, SNS and SQS.

Who did you evaluate and what made CloudCheckr your top choice?

Initially, we did an analysis of available tools and looked at CloudCheckr, Cloudability, CloudHealth and Cloudyn and did some research based on what information was available online. CloudCheckr stood out because the amount
of information you had on your website. We had a pre-defined selection criteria and, just by perusing your website, we were able to fill out the entire form independently (and CloudCheckr was the only one we could do that for). We
spent a lot of time watching the videos and demos of the tool; that helped answer the questions we had related to our typical usage scenarios, what we could do with it, and how it works.

“Within the first two weeks of using CloudCheckr, we saw immediate results and a very quick return on investment. Having all our data in one consolidated, easy-to-manage platform has helped us significantly reduce our AWS bill.”

Andy Wicks, Product Owner, AWS Cloud Services
Ocado Technology, part of the Ocado Group, the world’s largest online-only supermarket

Do you use anything other than AWS services at Ocado Technology?

Within the Ocado Technology division, we use other cloud providers, including Google Cloud. One of the considerations we looked at during the initial evaluation was whether CloudCheckr covered other providers. We concluded that the depth of CloudCheckr on AWS, and the potential for managing our multi cloud environment, outweighed any of the other options.

How was your experience in getting CloudCheckr up and running?

We initially signed up for a free trial and saw immediate results. During our initial trial, the savings generated by CloudCheckr helped pay for the extended three-month trial. We were amazed by how easy it was for the tool to be set up! The setup process took only a few minutes by simply copying and pasting the IAM roles and users. CloudCheckr’s account manager had our account set up before we even realized. Then we just sat back and waited for our data to be ingested. Within the first 24 hours, we were ready to start using the platform.

Do you use anything beyond the cost & expense management capabilities in CloudCheckr?

The cost and inventory modules are what we primarily use, but our InfoSec team uses the security and compliance module, plus we use the best practice checks to identify where we can improve

What do you find the most valuable?

What we found to be very useful was the ability to have all our data in one place. Having the multi-account views allows us to see everything across all of our AWS accounts without having the log in to each individual one.

Can you best describe CloudCheckr in a word or phrase?

  1. “Visibility of inventory” – the ability to see lots of things in an easy view
  2. “Everything in one place”

What does the future look like for your CloudCheckr utilization at Ocado Technology?

We haven’t yet explored all the full benefits of CloudCheckr, but from what we have seen, it is a really good tool and it has been cost efficient for us. We plan to begin implementing a chargeback system using the tool, we expect to increase the user base beyond our initial user base, and are working on setting up SSO. Also, we’ve started making use of the CloudCheckr API to give us the detailed visibility of all of our resources across all of our accounts. This is helping us make our teams aware of how much they are using and spending. Our objective is to make it cost positive and to save each month from using CloudCheckr more than the license cost to us – so far we’ve more than exceeded it!

Is there anything else you are dying to tell us?

We’re amazed that all of the information in CloudCheckr comes from AWS, but CloudCheckr makes it so easy to use that information. We could have done all of this without CloudCheckr, but the tool has made everything so much easier.

Curious how CloudCheckr can help you increase security while reducing cloud costs?

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