White Paper Multi-Cloud October 25, 2017

The Cloud Skills Shortage: How to Bridge the Gap In Your Organization

Addressing the Cloud Skills Gap

The cloud promises huge potential benefits to organizations of virtually any size. But making a move to the cloud is a complex logistical undertaking, requiring new skills and knowledge to address the technical challenges of migration. However, cloud expertise isn’t easy to come by. According to a Salesforce report for IT market intelligence company IDC, annual spending on the cloud is growing more than six times faster than IT expenditure overall.

At the same time, the supply of cloud computing skills cannot keep up with demand. In November 2016, a study conducted by open-source cloud computing platform Cloud Foundry revealed the extent of the skills gap. Fifty-seven percent of IT professionals and executives questioned in the survey encountered difficulties recruiting skilled developers, with the problem felt most acutely by companies in the early stages of their cloud journey.

Against this backdrop of rapid cloud growth and serious skills shortages, IT leaders face significant challenges in meeting the capability requirements for their cloud transformation projects. In this paper, we start by looking at the challenges of cloud migration and the skills and capabilities you’re likely to need. We then run through the different ways you can overcome the skills gap in your organization—so you have the know-how in place to make the transition.

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