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Whitepaper Cost March 21, 2017

Keeping Cloud Budgets in Check: The Ultimate Guide for CFOs

About The Whitepaper

With the inception of the public cloud, including AWS and Azure, organizations have been introduced to a whole new range of financial issues that must be overcome. Furthermore, IT and financial teams need to understand, navigate, and address a highly dynamic and constantly changing enterprise cloud environment.

This whitepaper explores the financial implications of moving to the cloud – both the financial challenges you’ll face and the way to overcome those challenges – to ensure your organization sees a positive return on your cloud investment.

Keeping Cloud Budgets in Check explores considerations for CFOs, procurement, and FinOps teams, including:

  • why visibility and control is critical for budgeting and forecasting;
  • how governance and accountability tactics can prevent cloud sprawl;
  • how CFOs can ensure their organization is taking advantage of optimization opportunities;
  • and cross-departmental challenges and strategies to ensure alignment around cloud initiatives.

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