Case Study Amazon Web Services August 17, 2016

MediaMath Saves $2 million on AWS by Turning Data into Real-Time Insights

About The Case Study

MediaMath’s technology and services enable marketers to reach the audiences they want at the scale. With the launch of TerminalOne, the first Demand Side Platform, MediaMath created the first software for real-time media buying. Their platform analyzes enormous volumes of data to make decisions in milliseconds, so they need scaled solutions that can handle those enormous volumes at incredible speeds.

To meet this objective, MediaMath has partnered with CloudCheckr to accelerate their ability to build on the leading edge of technology. As proof, MediaMath realized $2 million in annual cost savings through the CloudCheckr platform.

Download this case study to learn how MediaMath is able to access CloudCheckr results through:

  • Actionable dashboards and reports

  • Automated outputs such as emails and SNS topics

  • Third party tools and solutions

  • CloudCheckr’s robust API

  • Exportable tables and CSV files

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