AWS Cloud Security
Whitepaper Amazon Web Services August 17, 2016

Monitoring Security in the Amazon Cloud

About The Whitepaper

Amazon Cloud security configurations are the necessary controls enabled for identifying security breaches and data thefts, and ensuring integrity and confidentiality in your environment. These configurations play a vital role for your applications deployed on the Cloud, as they provide the satisfaction that your environment is safe from both internal and external attacks.

By continuously monitoring and analyzing your AWS security you ensure that any theft or security breach event is immediately identified and mitigated, and also ensure that all actions are recorded and can be used for auditing purposes in the future. With the right correlation between events, they also allow you to foresee any possible security events that can be remediated – before they even occur.

In this whitepaper, take a deep dive into:

  • How the AWS Shared Responsibility Model works

  • 3 AWS services that need be effectively configured and monitored

  • Security configurations that provide data security and transparency across your AWS environment

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